Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was flipping through the camera and came across this picture of Soran (you know, like the 20 million pictures you come across that your kids took and now you have to scroll through and delete one at a time because you're not sure how long they had it and don't want to delete anything you might actually want) in the car and realized I needed to remember the passing on of a good friend. Our old minivan. Scott and my car both broke down the same month and we realized that the repair fees were more than the cars were worth. So it was time to move on. But it was hard to say good-bye to our van. It's been in the family longer than 3 of our children. And has been such a reliable member, too. It took us to Utah, Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and lots of other places I can't think of. I had the kids come and tell it good-bye as we took it to trade in.
But on with the new! We love our new van. It's older but has a lot of nice amenities. Like a TV (with a VCR--it's older, like I said), power doors, and a really smooth ride.
Along with all our changes came more bills, so when my mom sent me an email about a part-time job as a teacher's aide at the school she works at, I applied. And with her glowing recommendation, I got it. I love the job. I love to be with the kindergarten kids and watch them learn. I love the benefit of being at work when my kids are at school and having the same days off. But it has definitely kept me busy. Thus the 3 month gap in posts. Between the new job and new calling as Young Womens president my spare time has disappeared. But most of the time it's a good busy. I feel very blessed with all we have.


Okay, so about the middle of the summer Amber comes and says she has something growing on her foot. It was a small, smooth bump so I thought, no big deal probably just a bug bite or something. It grew and grew and grew. So I asked Scott's family what they thought it was and Holly said it was a wart. I didn't think so because it grew so fast and was smooth. But I tried the banana peel thing over it and the next morning it was black. And gross. And warty. It was like that for about a month before Scott finally decided to take action. He burnt it off with liquid nitrogen and now it is all gone. But I had to get a pic of how huge and gross it was! The camera doesn't do it justice.
I love this pose of Soran. She does this thing where she goes, "uh, uh, uh" and puts her hands on her hips like she is being so patient with you and why are you so stupid and can't figure out what she wants? She is very spoiled and I can't get enough of her!

Birthday weekend

The golfers
I know, how can I be seen with him in that hat?
Too bad I already have my handsome prince
The resort we stayed at in Midway--the grounds were beautiful
I got totally spoiled this birthday! It was crazy. Scott sent me on a treasure hunt and at each stop was something. I got roses, chocolates, sparkling cider, poetry, jewelry, a gift certificate for clothes and lunch. Oh, and a break from the kids. It was amazing. My husband can be such a romantic.
That weekend we went to Park City and did some shopping and then spent the night at a resort in Midway. They had a hot springs crater but we didn't want to pay $30 to see it so we just walked on top of it and hung out in the natural springs jetted tubs instead. The next day we went golfing. It was pretty fun, actually. The weather and the course were so beautiful I had a good time just being outside and looking at everything. The golf was okay, too. It was the first time I've attempted and I almost hurt myself. I thought I was going to rip my shoulder out of the socket. But I can see how it could be addicting. Scott, of course, had a great time.

2nd, 4th and 6th graders--oh my!

I have to write that down because I keep forgetting what grades my kids are in, they're growing up so fast. The hardest one for me to adjust to has been Christian, it's just unbelievable that he is in 4th grade already. Crazy! We kept them at the same school as last year because they loved it. And while I've been nervous about the low test scores the school receives overall, I was pretty impressed with their individual teachers. Lyssa did a lot of Powerpoint presentations and Christian had some amazing projects as well. Hopefully we won't regret that decision. Aren't they cute? Some day Amber's other tooth will grow in!
Oh, and we can't forget Livi. She started at a preschool a couple weeks later. Because we're in a low-income area they have a free preschool they bus to (I know, how lucky can I get?) and she loves it! I took her to school on her first day and forgot to get a picture. Okay, so I was really nervous about her riding the bus home and how that would all work. So I was outside about 10 minutes early waiting for her. Over a half hour went by and I called Scott to see if I should panic yet. He said not to. But about 5 minutes later I started trying to call the school. No answer. The bus finally pulled up and I ran onto it, but no Livi! They were like, oh, yeah, the school called and said we forgot someone, it must have been her. I about died. I raced to the car, drove like a maniac to the school and there she was, just fine and hanging out with her teacher. But I don't think they'll be forgetting that particular child again.
Anyway, that just leaves Soran at home. She hasn't acted too sad about it. Yet.

It's always fun when Grandpa comes!

I have to start this post with some reminiscing. I grew up in a tiny town in New Mexico called Bloomfield. It was about 3000 people spread over a large area. There was one stoplight, one grocery store, one gas station and a lot of cactus. We lived just down the street from my grandparents, and I have fond memories of growin up near them. My grandmother was a no-nonsense woman who told you how it was but was everlastingly patient. She had to be with 9 kids and too many grandchildren to count. She was the hardest worker I've probably ever seen. She was up before everyone cooking breakfast and starting on the day's chores. She taught me how to snap beans, pick grapes (oh, how I hated that chore), and enjoy music. I loved to spend the night at her house because the cooking was so good and the sheets smelled lovely.
My grandpa is the cutest little farmer you ever saw. He has the sparkliest blue eyes ever. He worked for the gas company for 40 years and had a couple-acre farm he worked by hand. When I was small he had chickens and a cow, too. We would play in the barn with the hay bails for hours. We would push them around to make forts, castles and ships to fight the Russians coming up the San Juan river. He goes on walks by the ditch almost every day. He taught me how to pick corn and shuck it, how to tell when a cantaloupe was ripe but most importantly he showed me his simple but strong testimony of the gospel.
My grandma passed away 4 years ago and my grandpa has since remarried. I hadn't seen him since her funeral, but he and his new wife came up this summer to visit. It was wonderful! He looked just like last time. It made me feel young again. I love you, Grandpa!
Mom, Me, Ben, Grandpa, Xela and Brittany
Me and Grandpa

Summer fun

Bumper boats at Trafalga
Lyssa and Soran digging for bones
Making a dam (I love that Scott's the only adult in there helping the kids)
Soran trying to help but making more of a mess than anything
This summer has been pretty packed with playful pasttimes (Lyssa's looking at me like I'm crazy right now). Anyway, we got the Pass of all Passes from 7 Peaks and Trafalga so many of our days have been spent at the waterpark or mini-golfing/lasertagging. It was nice to have "free" activities all summer. In August we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids love that place. Sad to see the lazy days go.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Still smiling at the end of the day!
Me and So So on the ferris wheel
Only pic I got of the older kids--they were off playing too much
Cute little pink boat
Riding the helicopters!
Livi on her first ride of the day. This turned out to be her favorite ride.
I love Scott's job. They know how to party. His company party this summer was at Lagoon, and the kids were so excited! When we went to Disneyland they kept comparing the rides to those at Lagoon. And Disneyland was coming up short. They want it faster and crazier. They must get that from their father. This trip to Lagoon just reminded me I'm getting old. The flying swings made me ill, and they used to be my favorite! So sad. We hardly saw Christian and Lyssa. They rode on everything at least a couple times.
What made this even better was enjoying it for free. We didn't make the kids run around and try everything because we were trying to get our money's worth. They also fed us lunch, and Scott won a $50 gift card while we were there, too. Not bad. Thank you Sirsidynix!

Growing from a wolf to a bear

The wolf print
My reward for helping the wolf advance
So excited to be moving up!!!
Christian turned 9 in August and advanced from a wolf to a bear in Cub Scouts. It was a cute ceremony and I'm so proud of him. Of all my children, Christian is the most anxious to complete things. He always wants thing done and on time, so scouts has been pretty easy for him. It's been good for me to spend a little individual attention with him, too. Good job, bud!
His birthday this year was pretty low-key. I felt a little bad, but as he has had large parties the past couple years I figured it would be alright. He wanted to play Wii and go swimming with Michael. So we went to the Massengales and he did just that. I love you, my sweet boy.

Pioneer Day

Panning for gold
Cute little pioneer children (Lyssa is very proud of her mustache)
Christian looks a little too natural throwing a tomohawk
Scott and Lyssa competing for root beer chugging champion. Scott won.
I love the 24th of July here. There's a big celebration at the park with a bunch of free activities. I meant to enter the pie making contest this year but forgot. Next year. The kids had a lot of fun panning for gold, shooting ducks, doing the obstacle course, and making crafts. We also got to tour the pioneer village. I don't know how they did it! We are so grateful for our tough ancestry! And we're glad we're not them.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have been playing hard! I can't believe the summer is half over already. Hopefully the rest will be a little more relaxing. In June we had 3 family reunions, 2 week long camps, 1 day camp and the summer school. For the Reece reunion we had a park day, the guys went golfing, the girls went to Mimi's Cafe with the cousins for dessert, and went to Lowes Extreme Sports (a lot of fun). We had the Sweeney reunion and sadly/happily Scott got to spend the day with us. Sad for him because he got out of the horseshoe tournament the first round, happy for us cause then we got to see him and play with him! I went to Girls Camp and Lyssa went to 5th grade camp at Big Springs the same week. We both had a great time. Christian had science day camp the next week. Lyssa has been in the summer ballroom program. And at the end of June we had the Thompson reunion where we hiked the Y, went ice blocking, This is the Place park, extended family BBQ, fireworks at Fox field and the 4th of July parade. Scott and I were able to run the Freedom Run together this year. I beat my time last year by 1 minute but more importantly I beat Scott by a minute, too. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it again. Amber has started an art class and loves it. I took the Activity Day girls to day camp this week. It was nice to spend some time with Lyssa. And Soran and Livi have been growing so much I think sometimes I can actually see it. Good times!
How close can you get?
Skit night
Chelsea and I rocking our hike again.
Fear Factor game--pass the orange
The Manti pageant
Scott in front of the Manti temple
Scott and Lyssa egg toss partners at the Sweeney (she doesn't like to be his partner because somehow the egg always winds up on her)
Thompson cousins conquer the Y
Me and Soran iceblocking
Soran, Livi, and Kayla in the wagon
Soran all dressed up
Christian the cowboy
Christian really wants a pet. He talked the kids into helping with a yard sale to raise money for it. They screamed at every car that went past. Too cute.
Lyssa and Alexis racing boats
Lyssa was a pretty good archer. She says she wants to save for a bow and arrow now.
Lyssa the rockclimber

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Livi's turns 4!

4-year-old birthday cake
Pin the kiss on the frog game
Telling princess stories
Princess Livi--I couldn't get her to stop squinting
Freeze dance game
Livi had her first real birthday party this year. She of course wanted a pink princess party, just like all my other girls at this age. The day was supposed to be rainy and cold but after much prayer and fasting it turned out beautiful (thank goodness, I did not want to try to squeeze 10 little kids in my house for party games). We decorated in pink and purple and painted fingernails while everyone was showing up. We played pin-the-kiss-on-the-frog, throw the golden ball into the wishing well, freeze dance and duck duck goose. I think between cousins, friends and siblings we had about 20 kids there. It was pretty crazy, but fun. Happy birthday, my little princess!
Livi at age 4: She is a sweetheart, she never hurts anyone. Ever. Even if they are mean to her she will never fight back. She cannot stand being wet. If I touch her with wet hands she has to change her clothes. She loves puzzles. And she's very good at them. She loves dresses and dancing. Love you, Livi!

Livi's preschool graduation

The cute little graduate
Graduating Class of 2011--Livi, Jonas, William, Daphne, Mikey, Joseph
Livi and I had a fun year doing preschool. There were a lot more boys in her class than I've ever had but it went well. The day of the party was rainy, just like every day this spring has been. But we had it anyway. Good job, Livi!