Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summer fun

Bumper boats at Trafalga
Lyssa and Soran digging for bones
Making a dam (I love that Scott's the only adult in there helping the kids)
Soran trying to help but making more of a mess than anything
This summer has been pretty packed with playful pasttimes (Lyssa's looking at me like I'm crazy right now). Anyway, we got the Pass of all Passes from 7 Peaks and Trafalga so many of our days have been spent at the waterpark or mini-golfing/lasertagging. It was nice to have "free" activities all summer. In August we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids love that place. Sad to see the lazy days go.

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Karen Reid said...

Scott's the only adult who could fit back there!