Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun!

Drawing a baby on your head game
The cute mama-to-be
Hot chocolate bar
I did this one to show Cami's cute decor
GNO (we have a lot of these lately)
We have a lot of girls in my family. I have 4 sisters and 4 daughters. So we have a lot of giggling, fingernail painting, makeup doing nights. Scott and Christian have been gone a lot lately between basketball and getting ready for the Pinewood Derby. So we did mud masks last week. The girls loved it.
My sister is having her second baby so Cami and I threw her a shower. It was a success--she got a lot of stuff. And of course there was more time for giggling!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Princess Soran got dressup clothes, a skirt and leggings, a stroller and a baby doll and a tea set.
Princess Alivia got a lot of puzzles this year (she is really good at them) and dressup clothes.
Princess Amber with her laptop. She also got a makeup kit, an umbrella, a skirt and leggings, a sew-a-bear kit, and walkie talkies.
Lyssa's favorite gift was an Ipod from her aunt. She also got a notebook, smelly bath stuff, boots, a dress and lots of jewelry.
Christian's favorite gift was a remote control jeep. He also got a new pillow, a soccer ball, a tube for sledding, and the game Sorry.
The carnage after.
The calm before.
Cracker hats 2012. Scott got the "office edition" this year so we all had useful gifts.
Holding up the walls before it falls.
We had a good Christmas this year. Highlights: Nursing home and Alyssa playing the flute while Amber sang a solo, started a new tradition of reading a story a day for the 12 days of Christmas, 12 days of Christmas for Scott, Scott's company party at La Caille, being at my work and remembering how exciting Christmas is, Christmas Eve baby blessing and party with Reeces, Christmas day at church and finally experiencing enough calm to remember the real reason for the season, surprise gifts for the kids from an anonymous donor and the most relaxing Christmas break we've ever had. Good thing, too. We needed it.


We do not have great legs.
Where did all those kids come from?
I love golden aspens.

I've been waiting to post until I found our Halloween pictures, but I'm starting to think they're not going to show up. I'm sad, but it's time to move on. This year we had a devil (Alyssa), a grim reaper (Christian--he's been begging me for years to be this one and I finally gave in now that he's a little older, but seriously, what is it with kids and wanting to be creepy?), a princess (Amber), a fairy (Alivia) and a ballerina (Soran). They were very cute, of course. We had awesome fall weather again and it was nice to be outside. Trunk or treat at our house and then on to Grandma's.
We went on our fall drive a little too early this year. There's more gold than reds and pinks, but it's still beautiful. We also took the kids to the circus this fall. It wasn't impressive. But our kids are very spoiled and think that a lot of things are boring these days. Too much Trafalga and rock climbing and laser tag. The fall was pretty busy with ballroom dance, soccer, piano lessons, scouts, and science club. Alyssa played a flute solo for the primary program and again at the school Christmas concert. Alyssa and Amber were students of the month (I told Christian the pressure is on!). Livi learned "Beautiful Savior" and sings a lot of solos because I make her and it's so cute. Soran is getting cuter and more spoiled with every passing day. Scott organized a golf tournament at work and tied for first with the CEO. He also has a couple foosball and pingpong trophies. I've just been trying to keep up!