Friday, August 7, 2009


It's been several months since Scott decided to switch careers. It's been a LOOONG several months. We have been struggling finding a job and adjusting to so many changes. But things are finally starting to fall into place. He decided he wants to do accounting, more particularly get a job as a CFO or Controller (only the big bucks for him). He was able to find an internship with an accountant last week and will start this coming week. He also found a part-time job at Best Buy to pay the bills. It's nice to see the things we were trying for actually fall into place.
We really miss our old home and our friends a lot, but we are trying to put on happy faces and accomplish whatever it is we're here for. We are grateful to be together as a family and with a roof over our heads and money coming in. Alyssa wrote one of her friends this week, "it's not looking good for us. Money is slow coming in." It was so funny. But we have tried not to let the kids feel the effects of everything. I think they're adjusting well. School starts next week and things will get busy. But I needed to write about how blessed we are and remember all the good we have received.

Christian b-day

Okay, so Christian never asks for much (except when it's Wii-related), but he is still so spoiled! Good thing he's such a good boy. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday, and Grandpa made it happen. But he wanted a Wii birthday cake, and the only thing I felt talented enough to try had to be round, so we copied Hunter's cake and did King Boo. It turned out okay, but not as cute.
We had 15 cousins and friends show up and they blew through probably 600 tokens. But a fun time was had by all. And Christian has found a new hobby--Legos. He got a few sets and he has been playing with them since. So has Scott. In fact, the day after Christian's birthday he was late for church because he was playing with all the toys. I love you, Christian. Happy birthday my big 7 year old.


I just had to put up some pics of my cute and growing baby. She has found her thumb and our life is changed! She puts herself to sleep and sleeps for longer periods of time. It's so nice. About the only time I can get Scott to hold still long enough to hold her is when he's on the computer so I think she's getting a liking for it. She is still a sweet baby and puts up with all of us very well. More pics to come soon! We just got her in her blessing dress this week.

Reece reunion

Life has been crazy since we moved. We've had 2 weddings, a few birthdays, lots of dinners with family and more fun than is good for us--really, I am so exhausted. But a couple weeks ago we had the Reece reunion, which was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. We started off with dinner at my brother's (I decided we shouldn't start there anymore--no one can compete with Cami's food) and then went to the school and played with a parachute and games. Boy am I out of shape.

The next day we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple and walked through. It was so beautiful and it was wonderful to be able to go with the kids, although Scott kept telling Christian the Wii room was just around the corner and what did he think we did when we went to the temple anyway? Then we went to This is the Place park and had our eyes opened to life as a pioneer. We had fun seeing actual cabins and houses that were lived in, trying out chores and games they had back then and of course riding horses. It was really interesting seeing how many wives and children could be crammed into one house.

The next day the guys went golfing and then the girls made earrings. Sunday we had an informative discussion about family history and acted out skits from our ancestry.
It was a great time. Thanks to Karen and Rich for all their hard work and planning.