Friday, August 7, 2009


It's been several months since Scott decided to switch careers. It's been a LOOONG several months. We have been struggling finding a job and adjusting to so many changes. But things are finally starting to fall into place. He decided he wants to do accounting, more particularly get a job as a CFO or Controller (only the big bucks for him). He was able to find an internship with an accountant last week and will start this coming week. He also found a part-time job at Best Buy to pay the bills. It's nice to see the things we were trying for actually fall into place.
We really miss our old home and our friends a lot, but we are trying to put on happy faces and accomplish whatever it is we're here for. We are grateful to be together as a family and with a roof over our heads and money coming in. Alyssa wrote one of her friends this week, "it's not looking good for us. Money is slow coming in." It was so funny. But we have tried not to let the kids feel the effects of everything. I think they're adjusting well. School starts next week and things will get busy. But I needed to write about how blessed we are and remember all the good we have received.


Roger said...

Sweet Best Buy can we get a discount!!

Henlines said...

Way to count your blessings! I'm glad that the internship and job worked out. We miss you tons. I'm getting a little tired of all my best friends moving!! You....Mary....etc. :) I am happy for you guys. Good luck with school starting....ours starts on Monday.

kory and tina family said...

Yeah! I'm glad things are finally falling into place for you guys. It was great taling to you the other day. We really miss you guys!