Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer 2013

This has been the busiest summer we've ever had.  Right before summer started we had a visit from someone Scott baptized in Argentina, Javier.  He is an amazing guy and I'm super glad we got to meet him and get to know him better.  The day school let out we left for Yellowstone.  We had a couple weeks of downtime and then Christian took off for Camp Big Springs.  A couple days after that he and Lyssa took off for Arizona.  Then we had the O'Connors visit for the 4th and went to the Stadium of Fire to see Kelly Clarkson (it was awesome) and then the Youngs visit.  The next week was Girls Camp while the kids did Vocal Motion camp, followed the next week by the Reece reunion.  Then we watched a lot of kids.  I took a weekend trip to Idaho and finally we had a couple weeks to get bored before school started today.  I'll post pics soon of the first day! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Alyssa and Christian went to Arizona for a couple weeks this summer to stay with friends.  Amber, Alivia and Soran got invited to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  They had a great time!  And I must say they looked beautiful, too.  They got to do some quests, meet "real" princesses, hunt for things and listen to stories.  And the highlight was the free snow cones. 

24th of July

My woodsmen

Livi and Soran racing in the pioneer obstacle course

Who are those dashing young men with such beautiful mustaches?
Amber trying out the slingshot
For my sister's birthday this year she wanted to go snorkeling.  So we went to Midway and rented some gear and snorkeled this crater.  The water was a beautiful blue and about a perfect temperature.  It was a lot of fun!
Crater water
What Scott did most of the evening (phone) and Soran at the Gutter of Fire
Lyssa and Krystina checking out the fireworks

I love Amber's expression as she watches fireworks

Girls camp

Me packed for the overnight hike
Lyssa on the A-frame walk
Canoeing!  It rained on us but it was still fun
I had such a great time at camp this year.  I was a little daunted by the task as we had 25 girls and 10 leaders but it turned out great, and I am already getting excited for next year.  Highlights: Christ walk and the awesome job the 4th years did, 4th year overnighter that got rained out, hanging out with the other girls, the food was amazing!!!, fires at night, marshmallow guns, secret sisters who give shell bras, and the great Spirit at Shalom.  I feel so blessed to be have been able to go. 

Reece reunion

Reece family 2013 (minus Mike, Karen and Alexis and families--so 8 more people.  When did we get so big?)
Thompson family
This year we had my reunion at my brother's new cabin.  It's an amazing 3 story, bigger-and-better-than-our-house cabin.  We had a great time, I wish I had gotten more pictures.  Highlights: GPS trek in the hot sun, water balloon fights, makeovers, art afternoon, movie night, yoga with Grandpa, family history sharing, great food and fun just hanging out in the beautiful canyon.  Thanks, Ben!  It was great.  

Christian's a Webelo!

Getting his badge
Me helping him pin my shirt (scary).  I love this picture with Soran's arms wrapped around him!  He gets his Arrow of Light next week.  I am proud of him as he actually put forth the effort and asked about getting stuff done this time instead of me pushing.  He's getting so grown up!

Hiking the Y

To kickstart the summer we hiked the Y on Memorial Day.  I was so proud of our little family.  We made it up pretty easily and with almost no carrying!  That's good as it's a steep trail.  It was a perfect day and the trail was crowded, but we conquered! 


This year for the Thompson reunion we went to Yellowstone.  Doug and Sara rented a huge cabin and we had a great time.  The first night we got there and had dinner and caught up with each other.  The next day was Yellowstone.  This picture is of the first bison we saw.  We were all so excited we got out of the car and all walked over to look.  Little did we know we were going to be seeing lots of those, and they soon lost their appeal.  Wish we would have seen a bear!
I love this picture of Scott looking in the distance
Our family at the Firehole Falls

There was a herd of bison in the middle of the road so we had to stop and wait for them to move.  They were not intimidated by us at all and it took awhile.
Some of the first geysers we saw--the water was a turquoise blue
Scott and SoSo
They call this one the dragon cave--I thought it was the coolest geyser we saw
This hike was long and very steep, and I was afraid it wouldn't be worth the effort, but it was an amazing scene!  It looks fake.
Dinner with the cousins
The adult table--everyone watching TV
More cousins!

Soran's 4 birthday party

Soran hadn't had a real birthday with friends and stuff so we decided to do it this year.  It was crazy with 12 kids!  But it was fun.  We went to Classic Skating and they played on the bounce houses and scootered.  
She's 4!

Opening presents
She is a speed demon on this thing


Soran's preschool graduation.  Isn't she cute?
Preschool graduation class 2013
Livi's kindergarten graduation
Livi and her lovely teacher--my mom

Lyssa's a teen

Lyssa turned 13 this year.  Crazy.  We did an outside movie party.  First we had cake and treats, played movie trivia games and then watched "Beastly."  
So, there were these weird beetle things in our grass we didn't know about which kept flying around during the movie.  Needless to say, there was a lot of screaming.

Easter in AZ

Easter haul
It's a race!
Boat we rented--cost almost as much as our house
These guys went out early and skied.
Me and Scott
Scott with the little girls.  We tried piling on the 5 youngest girls on this tube and the plan was to go slow, but it was so slow that it took a nose dive and they all wound up in the water.  There were no adults on the tube and we were freaking out between laughing our heads off.
That face is saying "I love my mom"
Jeremy and Christian--these 2 were born on the same day in the same hospital, it's so fun to watch them grow up
Phoenix in the background
Eggs!!  And does this girl ever wear anything besides her swimsuit? 
 We got cookies at La Tolteca and Amber got a watermelon cookie.  It turned her mouth black.  It also made her sick.   
Jeremy, Christian and Tyler
I love Arizona in the spring!  I miss it.  We headed down to Mesa for Easter and Scott's mission reunion.  The weather was great and we rented a boat with the Bowens and went boating for the day.  Then we went to the reunion.  It was good to see his old mission companions and president.  The next day was Easter and we had a hunt and dinner with family.  The next day we took a hike and went to La Tolteca, of course.  Good times!