Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Easter in AZ

Easter haul
It's a race!
Boat we rented--cost almost as much as our house
These guys went out early and skied.
Me and Scott
Scott with the little girls.  We tried piling on the 5 youngest girls on this tube and the plan was to go slow, but it was so slow that it took a nose dive and they all wound up in the water.  There were no adults on the tube and we were freaking out between laughing our heads off.
That face is saying "I love my mom"
Jeremy and Christian--these 2 were born on the same day in the same hospital, it's so fun to watch them grow up
Phoenix in the background
Eggs!!  And does this girl ever wear anything besides her swimsuit? 
 We got cookies at La Tolteca and Amber got a watermelon cookie.  It turned her mouth black.  It also made her sick.   
Jeremy, Christian and Tyler
I love Arizona in the spring!  I miss it.  We headed down to Mesa for Easter and Scott's mission reunion.  The weather was great and we rented a boat with the Bowens and went boating for the day.  Then we went to the reunion.  It was good to see his old mission companions and president.  The next day was Easter and we had a hunt and dinner with family.  The next day we took a hike and went to La Tolteca, of course.  Good times!


JS Tomb said...

I remember trying to rent a boat, came out with a row boat, yes very expensive. Looks like you had fun though and the kids had an experiance they will always remember especially on that tube with Scott with mom driving.
I'm not sure that an I Love You Mpm face but if you say so, OK.
I love Arizona too but I'm gettin real sick of the rain.

JS Tomb said...

Forgot to thank again for taking the time to keep us updated, I love seeing all the places you go to and some of the spectacular scenery.