Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girls camp

Me packed for the overnight hike
Lyssa on the A-frame walk
Canoeing!  It rained on us but it was still fun
I had such a great time at camp this year.  I was a little daunted by the task as we had 25 girls and 10 leaders but it turned out great, and I am already getting excited for next year.  Highlights: Christ walk and the awesome job the 4th years did, 4th year overnighter that got rained out, hanging out with the other girls, the food was amazing!!!, fires at night, marshmallow guns, secret sisters who give shell bras, and the great Spirit at Shalom.  I feel so blessed to be have been able to go. 

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JS Tomb said...

That A-frame walk looks very strenuous but I'd still like to try it. An over night camping trip sounds like a lot of, I have had the chance to do that except when we go up to the motorhome and that's not really camping. Have never seen a marshmellow gun or a shell bra but that sounds very interesting. Just needed to talk to you for a minute or two, haven't heard a word from you in a while.