Thursday, July 15, 2010


Our camera is having trauma so I don't have any pics of the last few weeks, sniff sniff. But I pulled out our new video camera and figured out how to work it (mostly) and got some great videos. Now I have to figure out how to transfer to the computer.
Anywho, the Thompson reunion. Scott's family was in charge of it this year so it was in Provo. I think there were over 80 people there. It was a lot of fun to see his cousins and aunts and uncles. We started out with a BBQ and outdoor movie--Meet the Robinsons, love it! The next day we went on a Book of Mormon hike and then played water games. Saturday we hung out and put together a scrapbook for his grandma's 90th birthday. Then we went swimming and had the party that night. It went well. I decorated with lots of confetti. Holly didn't hate me as much as I thought she would while we were doing cleanup. Sunday was the Sweeney. Scott made it to the semi-finals in horseshoes but lost to David and Seth this year. Bummer. His luck is just elsewhere these days. But he had fun playing. I think it's mostly because while he's in the running he doesn't have to help with the kids. They love this reunion. So many fun games and PRIZES.
Our 4th of July was great. Saturday we got together with my family and had a BBQ (did I mention I am so sick of hot dogs and hamburgers?) and then went to the park and watched the fireworks. Sunday night we took the three older kids to spend the night with Grandma on the streets. Craziness. Monday morning was my first 5k! It was so fun. I got there and we had a flag ceremony and then they organized us by how fast we ran. They have these cool little timer things that go on your shoes. I ran pretty slow, but I ran the whole thing, which was my goal. The last leg was running uphill on 9th east (pretty steep). And I had so much energy at the end I sprinted about 100 yards. Next time I'll go more for speed. The bummer part was I had told Scott the wrong park to meet at so no one was there and he had to walk his own 5k to catch up to me. Oh, well. He wants to try and race. I say soon so I can beat his pants off!
The Reece reunion was the next weekend. We played hard. Thursday we had a family history activity and went swimming and watched a movie that night. Friday we went to Lagoon! Scott took off with the older 2 kids and rode the big rides. They had a great time. I had fun watching Livi and Amber the kiddie rides. Soran wanted on so badly, but I wasn't about to pay $40 for her to ride a couple rides. Saturday the boys went golfing and the girls went out for lunch and shopping. We had a talent show that night and it was hilarious! Good times.
But I must say I'm glad to get back into a slower routine. It's kind of hard to drag 5 kids all over. Couple week break and Kansas here we come!

Some days

When I get older and my children are gone and I look back on these days with fond memories and everything seemed perfect, I want to have these times to remember, too. Last night I was so tired and thought the last thing I had to do was vacuum and then I could go to bed when I walked into Soran's room and smelled throw up. So I took took her out of bed, gave her a bath, washed bedding, changed bedding, got her dressed again and got another bottle for her. THEN vacuumed. Woke up this morning to Christian jumping on the bed and Livi crying. Her diaper had leaked in the night and she was running a fever. Changed her clothes and started washing bedding. Took the kids to breakfast at the school and then grocery shopping. Got to check out and they said the computers were down and they weren't taking debit cards. I was like, you're kidding, right? Because I just spent 2 hours shopping. Parked my cart and stomped around the front of the store for 10 minutes, got back into line and waited again and finally checked out. Took the kids to lunch at the school where Livi threw up all over her tray and then peed on me. Cleaned that mess up and hurried home to take a shower. Proceeded to do 3 days worth of dishes and put up groceries. Went to the library with 6 children to get a book for Scott. Found out the kids were saying words they weren't supposed to so put lemon juice in their mouths. Christian threw up. More laundry. Movie. Beds. Thank goodness this day is over.
I love being a mother but there are days when I don't feel up to the task. And I wonder how much psychological damage I'm doing. But that's probably mostly the tired talking. Good night.