Sunday, May 31, 2009

Primary activity

The kids had a primary activity today and had a lot of fun despite it being cold and rainy. They had 3-legged races, jumped through tires, potato sack races, tug of wars and a pot game where they balled up and got swung by the arms. We will really miss this ward and area. We have made some really good friends we will miss a lot. I haven't started packing yet because then it will sink in.
Soran has started smiling and Christian and I spend about an hour in the morning making her smile and talking to her. She is still such a good baby and I love her to death.

Livi's official!

Alivia has been acting two for awhile now, getting into everything, saying uh-uh to everything and being terrible but oh so cute. The only thing keeping her alive. But on the 28th she became official and we had a little party for her on the 29th. We had the Henlines over for a last get together and cake and ice cream. The kids each gave her a present they had raided the toy box for and she got clothes and a doll from Grandma and we gave her a princess phone with a purse. She had a hard time figuring out how to point her lips in order to blow out the candles. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Thompson reunion

We had a great time at the Thompson reunion this last week. We went up to Utah and got to visit with all of Scott's family and enjoy some good food and good times. The drive was kind of long as our TV broke and so the kids were a little more restless. The first day we went and checked out schools with the kids. They are really excited about the one we found, but it's 20 minutes away, so it will be a challenge getting them there. Scott and I went out for our 11th anniversary!!! that night and went to Bombay House and watched Wolverine (thank you Alexis) and then soaked in the hot tub. The next day we went and saw Ian. He looked really skinny, but good. That night I got the flu and so went to my mom's for some much needed sleep while the kids slept in tents and had smores at Holly and Nick's house. We went to church on Sunday, played games and blessed Soran. Monday we hiked up to Stewart falls and had a picnic and took pictures. Then the highlight of the trip--Chuck E. Cheese's where the kids went through over 600 tokens (thank goodness Grandpa works there and gets them for free). Tuesday the guys went golfing and the girls got to go to a movie and out to eat (my favorite part--no kids!). Overall it was a great time and thanks to Mom, Dad, Nick and Holly for the good memories.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fathers & Sons, Mothers & Daughters

This past weekend was the Fathers and Sons campout, which Scott was in charge of, and Amber's dance recital. Scott was relieved it was the last one he has to do for awhile. It's quite a bit of work (for both of us). Christian is the kid in the striped shirt that looks like he's going to get burned. Honestly, I'm surprised more little boys aren't lost/maimed/burned/a long list of other possibilities on these camping trips where no women are around. But I know they love it.

My sister Xela made a surprise visit from Utah with her daughter so we had a fun night at Amber's recital and then went home and had pizza and watched a movie. Amber is such a good dancer and you can see she loves it. We didn't have the camera so didn't get a pic until after. No, we didn't give her dead flowers. It just took awhile until we got a picture with them. I had to include one of my new baby, too. She's getting cuter and fatter all the time!

Monday, May 4, 2009


I haven't quite known how to write about this but I guess it's finally time. Scott lost his job in January and while we've been looking hard for jobs in the area nothing has worked out. We are finally succumbing to the idea that we are going to have to move and accept help from others. It hasn't been an easy couple months, but we really feel like the Lord wants us to move to Utah for whatever reason. So we are moving in the middle of June back to Provo and we're going to live in my brother's basement apartment for the time being (thanks, B).
Scott is still going to school and hoping to find a job in the accounting arena. He's also been working nights at Wal-Mart to get us by. We have the house up for sale and our fingers crossed that things will work out, although our area has a lot of real estate up for sale. The kids are excited to move closer to grandparents and cousins, and Scott and I are talking ourselves into all the things we'll enjoy there. It's hard to swallow our pride and wind up back where we started (plus three more kids), but there are bonuses, too. I know things will work out as they should, just hopefully a little more on my timeline. But, come what may, and we'll love it.

There be pirates

Alyssa had her 9th birthday party this last weekend. I can't believe we're halfway through raising her. I can't think about that, though, or I'll cry. She invited her very best friends for her last birthday here. We did a pirate theme and they went letterboxing for treasure (candy bars, necklaces, etc.) and had lunch. I decorated the cake as a treasure island and it turned out pretty cute. Happy birthday, Alyssa!
I also included a pic of Soran with her daddy since the last one wasn't very good. I want to just sit around and take pictures of her all day because I know she's going to grow so fast.