Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fathers & Sons, Mothers & Daughters

This past weekend was the Fathers and Sons campout, which Scott was in charge of, and Amber's dance recital. Scott was relieved it was the last one he has to do for awhile. It's quite a bit of work (for both of us). Christian is the kid in the striped shirt that looks like he's going to get burned. Honestly, I'm surprised more little boys aren't lost/maimed/burned/a long list of other possibilities on these camping trips where no women are around. But I know they love it.

My sister Xela made a surprise visit from Utah with her daughter so we had a fun night at Amber's recital and then went home and had pizza and watched a movie. Amber is such a good dancer and you can see she loves it. We didn't have the camera so didn't get a pic until after. No, we didn't give her dead flowers. It just took awhile until we got a picture with them. I had to include one of my new baby, too. She's getting cuter and fatter all the time!

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