Monday, May 4, 2009


I haven't quite known how to write about this but I guess it's finally time. Scott lost his job in January and while we've been looking hard for jobs in the area nothing has worked out. We are finally succumbing to the idea that we are going to have to move and accept help from others. It hasn't been an easy couple months, but we really feel like the Lord wants us to move to Utah for whatever reason. So we are moving in the middle of June back to Provo and we're going to live in my brother's basement apartment for the time being (thanks, B).
Scott is still going to school and hoping to find a job in the accounting arena. He's also been working nights at Wal-Mart to get us by. We have the house up for sale and our fingers crossed that things will work out, although our area has a lot of real estate up for sale. The kids are excited to move closer to grandparents and cousins, and Scott and I are talking ourselves into all the things we'll enjoy there. It's hard to swallow our pride and wind up back where we started (plus three more kids), but there are bonuses, too. I know things will work out as they should, just hopefully a little more on my timeline. But, come what may, and we'll love it.


The Jeppson Family said...

This comment is going to sound completely selfish...but I am excited that I will have more chances to see you. I look forward to meeting your new little one, and introducing you to our babies when they come! Sometimes trials bring huge might be nice to be close to family again, for awhile at least :) love ya and miss ya!!!

JKMeeks said...

Hey I am so sorry to hear about that job and the move. Even though I have moved away I still think of that place as my home and if I ever go back it would not be the same with out the Thompson's. You are one of the sweetest people!! I know you will be missed!! You will have to keep in touch! Also, congrats on the new baby girl, she's so cute and you are amazing. Email me so I can add you to my blog list.

Doone Burgener said...

I am sorry to hear that. Scott is such a hard worker. I am confident that you will be led to something great. That being said, I am sorry for the stress of the whole situation. We will pray for you and your family. I will be in Provo this summer and will get in touch. Good luck. You know you are welcome here anytime!!