Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thompson reunion

We had a great time at the Thompson reunion this last week. We went up to Utah and got to visit with all of Scott's family and enjoy some good food and good times. The drive was kind of long as our TV broke and so the kids were a little more restless. The first day we went and checked out schools with the kids. They are really excited about the one we found, but it's 20 minutes away, so it will be a challenge getting them there. Scott and I went out for our 11th anniversary!!! that night and went to Bombay House and watched Wolverine (thank you Alexis) and then soaked in the hot tub. The next day we went and saw Ian. He looked really skinny, but good. That night I got the flu and so went to my mom's for some much needed sleep while the kids slept in tents and had smores at Holly and Nick's house. We went to church on Sunday, played games and blessed Soran. Monday we hiked up to Stewart falls and had a picnic and took pictures. Then the highlight of the trip--Chuck E. Cheese's where the kids went through over 600 tokens (thank goodness Grandpa works there and gets them for free). Tuesday the guys went golfing and the girls got to go to a movie and out to eat (my favorite part--no kids!). Overall it was a great time and thanks to Mom, Dad, Nick and Holly for the good memories.

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