Saturday, December 30, 2017


Back to school pictures!  So cute!  Look how big they are.  It's crazy.
Amber's in 8th grade
Sophomore and Senior
3rd and 5th grade

 Triston.  What can I say?  You changed my life, the way I think about myself and the world, and I am sorry we couldn't keep you.  You are a great kid and I wish you the best.

CRUISE!!!!  Scott booked this clear back in May, but it couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  We (mostly me) needed a break so badly.  It was a perfect vacation--yummy food at a fancy restaurant every night, fun trip to Mexico to 4-wheel and ropes course, relaxing in the hot tub on the back of the ship, sleeping in and the best husband I could ask for.  

(We got so sunburned!)

 Had time to spend a day at the beach.  It was perfect weather.  


Somehow almost all my pictures of the summer got erased. (Pretty sure it was kids who got their phones connected to our account and went through and deleted them--but anyway...) Here are a few I kept from July. We went to the parade and then Stadium of Fire to watch Aliya dance.  We also got to watch Voices of Freedom (?) which Rebekah played Joan of Arc. It was good. I love our country and that we get to celebrate it.  Christian was in San Fransisco at the time with the UVYSO.  He didn't know anyone on the trip and I am proud of him for going and making new friends and experiencing new things.  

July was also the month we got Triston, went to the Gutter of Fire, camping with the Massengales, and Pioneer Trek. I think those were the highlights but I can't remember.  Taking care of Triston took all my brain power.


The most spoiled children on the planet are Alyssa and Christian.  They got to go to Cancun with the O'Connors in June while Elisa and Jonah stayed with us.  We actually had a good time and they went fishing for the first time.  Not quite a Mexican resort, but still fun.  

 Christian had scout camp a couple days after getting back from Cancun.  He learned how to be a better leader and we learned about chimis cleaning out the boys.  Alyssa attended Girls State the same week and learned a lot about the government and it changed her life.  She was also able to earn 3 credits for college!  When they got back we headed to Idaho for a family reunion.  It was beautiful! And short.  1 evening and 1 day.  Had a Lord of the Rings evening with dinner, games and a fire and spent the next day swimming at a spa resort.

Look at these troopers getting up at 5 to go do baptisms!

 Amber finished up her year of dance and was sad but relieved.

Went to the rodeo with the Henlines courtesy of NVP.  Good times!

Friday, December 29, 2017


My little baby got baptized.  What a bundle of energy and sunshine she is.  I am grateful for her sweet, happy spirit.

This talented little lady won a spot in the Dixon art contest.

 Loved watching this guy play his cello with the orchestra.  Almost as tall as me!

Did the stake fun run with the family.  Christian beat me at the 5k.  Would have been disappointed if he didn't.  Everyone else did the mile.

And she danced away with her team this year.

While May is so crazy, I love watching the kids perform at the end of the year.  Alyssa did ballroom--with Daddy!, Amber was on a dance team and did piano and a play, Christian played soccer with his city league and won the Spanish Fork competition, Alivia was in piano and gymnastics and Soran did soccer and gymnastics.  

Even 40 year old ladies know how to party.  Murder party for Elizabeth.  Super fun.

April--in the meantime

So while Scott and Christian were traveling the world, Alyssa was in San Fransisco with her ballroom team and having a great time.

I stayed here with the little girls.  I decided to do Princess Camp for them.  We had a tea party, did service (dropped off a bunch of bouncy balls at the playground for kids to find and took Xela's kids so she could have a break), had a spa day and learned how to be royal.

 The rest of the month was pretty busy--Soran turned 8 and had a big birthday party.  

Alyssa went to prom.  And Scott and I took a trip to Park City for our anniversaries.