Saturday, December 26, 2009


Time flies when it's crazy. We had a really good Christmas. It was nice to be with family and spend time with our own kids (and Scott who disappeared for a couple weeks due to working in retail). Highlights: Alyssa doing a hip-hop dance at her Christmas concert. She did well, it surprised me, I guess because I have no rhythm. FHE at the nursing home--always a good experience. Christian losing his other front tooth 2 days before Christmas. Christmas day the girls went to see The Princess and the Frog and the boys went to Avatar in 3D. Somehow the division of children just didn't seem fair, but we made it through. The grandmas spoiled us all, of course. And it was nice to spend a few moments in reflection on the year and the reason for the season. Hope everyone was as blessed as we were.

Waiting for Santa. We checked in on him and he had pulled up the shades and was asleep looking out the window. Aaaww.

New jammies and blankets from Grandma on Christmas Eve. So cute!

Cousin Kylee helping Soran open a present. I love the tongue!

Amber performed at her first Christmas concert (with her cousins, of course). They sang "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" and "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth." She knew all the words and it was so cute.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas season begins

Soran enjoying her piece of the gingerbread

10 seconds after completion

Completed gingerbread house

I must be feeling better. I think this is my fifth post in a month. I have been amazed how much better I feel now than I did a few weeks ago. Scott told me that they actually took part of my kidney out because it was so infected and what a difference. I haven't had this much energy in months. So now I get to get ready for the holidays!
We made our gingerbread house for home evening this week. It went much better than last year. The kids were excited to do their piece. It turned out pretty cute. And after enjoying it for about 5 seconds they tore it apart and ate it. The sugar rush begins!
We went out and got our Christmas tree last night and decorated it so now it really does feel like the Christmas season has started. I haven't gotten any shopping done, so it hadn't really hit me yet. But I love having a tree that smells so good in the house. 22 more days!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a great turkey day. We had our annual Thanksgiving FHE and made our turkeys. I realized as I was spending hours cutting, coloring, pasting and all that goes into them how very ugly they are. I pictured Alyssa bringing home her fiance and apologizing for the fact that he would have to do one of the dog ugly turkeys her mom makes them do every year. But I guess that's part of the tradition, too. While it's been a difficult year, I think it makes us appreciate things more. Like having a roof over our heads, good health and all the little day to day things that make our lives so nice. We really have been blessed.

We went up to Salt Lake and spent the night with our good friends. The boys went to a hockey game that night while the girls spent time dressing up and singing along to Taylor Swift. Nicole and I watched a movie and went to bed. The next day was spent mostly laying around and preparing for the big meal. And it was so good! Christian helped Michael make a pomegranate pie which was very tasty. It's fun to enjoy a really good meal and stuff yourselves once a year. It was a very nice, relaxing time. Thanks, guys!

Friday, November 20, 2009


So, my husband spends 2 days taking care of the kids and the house (kind of) and I am not only totally forgotten, but shunned. I walked in the door Tuesday night and Alivia said, "Mommy," and then promptly went back to what she was doing. The other kids didn't even look up. But then Alivia wouldn't come close to me for the next few days. It took me an hour to convince her to come to me even after bribes of candy and watching Dora. She only wanted Scott. Which makes me think, why are all of a mother's sacrifices so soon forgotten? Years of changing diapers, cleaning throw up and constant care. But then I realized, maybe the reason they act so upset is because they feel more betrayed because it was their mother that left them. So not only do they act nonchalant, but thay may even cry when you try to hold them. That's what I'll tell myself anyway.
This week I also discovered you can survive the really gross thought of having a tube draining out your side and your husband removing it. He was excited when the doctor told him he could. I was not so much. But my body and our relationship survived it.
Now slowly moving back into regular routine. There is no end to the dressup in our house, and last night the girls were having a lot of fun so I had to take some pictures.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turkey Bowl

Every Thanksgiving Scott's family gets together for their annual Turkey Bowl. We haven't been able to make it for the last few years so he was excited to go this time. It was a little cold (just kidding--totally freezing) but I took the kids and we went and cheered for our daddy for a little bit. I thought he looked pretty darn good. And his team won, at least according to them. I didn't keep very good score. Then we went over to his aunt's house for a great turkey dinner and it was fun to see everyone. His cousin just returned from a mission and there was a lot of family around. I feel bad whenever we go anywhere though. We just seem to have so many kids! We fill up whatever house we're at.
It's weird to watch time go by and the generations change and shift life situations. I can remember when my parents were at this stage in their life with young kids and here I am in it and watching our parents move into their role as grandparents. Sometimes it makes time seem so fleeting.
Today the kids did their primary program. I must admit I was disappointed that they didn't get to give their lines they had memorized. Alyssa and Christian read theirs and the teacher helped Amber with hers before she really had a chance. But they were stinking cute, of course.
Tomorrow is surgery. I will be so excited to get it over with and move on. Scott is so cute and keeps telling me not to die. It will be nice to have this over with. But I am going to savor my last trip (REALLY) to the hospital. Order ice cold cranberry juice and morphine all I want :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was a total slacker this year for Halloween. I didn't get the kids' costumes until the week of and candy until the day of and only got a couple pictures. I'm not sure what happened. But the pictures I got turned out really cute. Alyssa and Christian had a history fair on Friday and dressed up in historical garb. I did Alyssa's hair up in 2 buns on each side of her head for medieval times and Christian was an Indian for the War of 1812. Amber had a costume parade at her school where all the kids go through all the classrooms and show off their costumes. She was Belle this year. And they had a story time at the library for Livi (the butterfly) which I thought would be story time but silly me it was trick-or-treating. She got to go to classrooms and they gave out candy. The next day I volunteered to help at a carnival at the school which turned out to be a lot more work than I thought but it was fun. And then we went to the church for trunk or treat and MORE candy. I think by the time I dress up the kids a couple times each and buy candy and decorate and everything else I am so ready for it to be over.

Christian lost his tooth two days later (no link to the huge amount of sugar that had just entered his body, I'm sure) and he looks so funny without it. I can't believe my baby boy is getting so big.

I spoke in church today on preparing names to take to the temple and I am so excited because I found a whole side of my mom's family that hasn't had their temple work done. The names are all there with all the information, all I have to do is print it off and go. I was really not interested in this topic before but I feel like it was inspired now. So to all my family reading this--I'm giving you names to take from now on!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farm fun and sitting

What would fall and Halloween be without a trip to the farm? Or, in this case, the gardens. We went to a garden center that had a corn maze and animals and bounce houses. It was a lot of fun getting lost with the kids and reading the silly jokes they had posted at the corners. It was nice that our garden had a couple pumpkin plants from which we got 22 pumpkins and didn't have to buy any to carve. That's for tomorrow night's family home evening.
Soran is not my little baby anymore. She started sitting a couple weeks ago and she hardly falls over anymore. She had pizza for the first time yesterday at a birthday party and loved it. When I hold her she feels so long. She is still really patient with the kids and people keep asking me if she ever cries. Livi has discovered she can make her laugh and spends a lot of time trying to get her to. While it's strange to be home with two babies again, I love it.


The kids had fall break a couple weeks ago and it was also my long awaited meeting with the doctor who would do my surgery. My mom was so nice and offered to take the kids to the zoo while we went to the doctor since they were so close. The kids had a great time playing and seeing the baby elephant. It was a perfect fall day.
I, however, was about to cry. They told me the surgery would be soon after the appointment but it didn't get scheduled until the middle of November. They also wanted half the money up front before they would even schedule it. So now I'm sucking it up and trying to live life normally with a plastic tube in for another month. Nothing puts things into perspective like a trip to the hospital, though. They had a paper up about not allowing visitors in because of the swine flu, but they would be more lenient in end-of-life situations. At least I know I'll be coming out again.
Lyssa took a trip to Moab with my mom and dad and the kids had fun playing with cousins and enjoying the nice weather. Scott also managed to squeeze in some golf. We're trying to soak up all the sun we can.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to Fall

With all my missing Arizona, I forgot how much I missed Utah in the fall. We took a drive up the Alpine Loop on Sunday. While I hoped the sights alone would be enough to elicit excitement, I had to make the kids ooh and aah before they got their treat. Scott was nice enough to oblige me and even act like he enjoyed the ride. But honestly, how could you not? It was so beautiful. Today is another story though. There's snow on the mountains! It's going to be a long, cold winter.

Girls, girls and more girls

I have a lot of girls. I think this is the first pic I have of them all together. I wish they were all dressed up and stuff instead of first thing in the morning, but it's still cute. It's kind of a daunting thought that I will be raising 4 future mothers. I hope I do alright.

This other picture is of Alivia dressed up with cousins. They are the trio home during the day and they play together a lot. And the last is of Soran. I can't believe how big she's getting. She's such a happy baby. People always tell me she's smiling at them. Scott says she's so happy it's going to bust out of her face. I'm so glad to have her.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Party, party, party

Life in Utah is just way too much fun. School is in full swing now (Alyssa finally spent a day inside learning rather than outside playing soccer) and Amber's started dance, Alyssa's in piano (she takes hip hop and gymnastics at school) and Christian starts basketball in a couple weeks. I think we have had a birthday party a week this last month. These kids are getting spoiled!
Our nephew Ayden turned 6 and wanted a pie fight/waterballoon fight for his party. It was funny watching all the parents try and convince the kids it was okay to hit people with the whipped cream and that it was fun. My girls did pretty well until the end and Amber got one right in the face. It was more fun watching.
Alivia has turned into my big helper since she's the oldest at home and she is starting to watch TV. She loves Little Einstiens and can sing all the songs and pats her legs just like them. It's so cute. And Soran is huge! I can't believe that less than 5 months ago she was inside me. She is loving solid foods and cries if I don't feed her a little of what's on my plate. Scott is so excited as we are able to throw out all the baby stuff that is no longer used and won't be needed anymore. I must admit I haven't felt any pangs of sadness either, but I'm sure I will. When I kiss her chubby cheeks I am sad to think it will be my last.
After running some labs, I found out I get to keep my kidney, which is great news. I have surgery coming up soon and I can't wait to get this stint out. It's driving me crazy. The doctor told me I didn't have to take the medication I was on for it and I have so much more energy now. I can almost keep up with taking care of all the kids.
Scott is loving his accounting internship. He's in such a good mood all the time now. It's been great. Between his 2 jobs and school he stays pretty busy. Good thing I don't need him. Just kidding. I need him around sometimes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The hospital (again):(

I have been in the hospital more this last year than my whole life combined! It's ridiculous. It all started the week after school began (see post below) I started feeling sick. I realized on Wednesday I had a kidney infection and started chugging the cranberry juice. But to no avail. Scott and I headed over to the emergency room at midnight that night but I just couldn't do it. With no insurance I knew it would be $2000 just to walk through the door. So I took some meds and went to bed instead. I was so sick on Thursday and Friday I couldn't keep anything down and I couldn't even pick up Soran. By Friday night my mom dragged me to the car and over to the hospital where I assured her they would give me an IV with antibiotics and send me home. I was close--it was a surgery and two days later.
My birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day starving and so thirsty I would just sit at the sink and let the running water go over my tongue. I couldn't eat or drink until the surgery that night. The doctor came in and said he couldn't believe how swollen my kidney was, he was going to put a stint in and then see in a month if there was any functioning left and if it was worth saving. So my birthday dinner consisted of chicken broth and jell-o, which are now nectar from the gods. Best birthday dinner ever. They finally let me out Sunday night after 6 needle stabs and innumerable tests. And I get to go back on Tuesday for more. Yeah! But it is wonderful to be feeling well enough I can take care of my kids again and wanting to live. Thank goodness for modern medicine! And thank you to all who took care of my kids and brought me presents! I love you!
Oh, and one funny story. My sisters were picking up the kids while I was sick and Alyssa asked them if I was going to die. They assured her I would be fine and get better soon. Alyssa said, "oh, good, or else we would be in the orphanage. My dad couldn't handle all of us." When I told Scott he said how well they know him.

First day of school!

What an ordeal! So I had the Alyssa and Christian registered for a charter school we were all really happy about, but then we found out they wanted almost $200 in fees. Needless to say, I wasn't too excited about that. So 2 weeks before school was to start I tried to register them for a local public school that is supposed to be really good. Time was ticking and it was 3 days before school began. I gave up and went in to the charter school. The fees were less than I thought and the kids were excited so we got their lists, went shopping for school supplies, went back to school to meet their teachers and did last minute clothes shopping for uniforms. I hated to buy uniforms after I had just bought enough clothes a few months before on sale, but they look so stinking cute it was fun.
I was so nervous their first day. I kept thinking about what they were doing. But they did great and made friends and in the 3 weeks since have really enjoyed it. Alyssa is taking hip hop and gymnastics, which she loves, and Christian has made friends with a group of boys who are "really tough" at soccer and they play at every recess. With the 40 minute round-trip drive every day, they better love it.

Amber is attending a different school with my mom as her teacher. She started a week and a half after the kids but has eased into the whole school routine. I miss her during the day, but I'm glad she's in such capable hands. She has her 2 cousins in the class and they have a lot of fun together.

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's been several months since Scott decided to switch careers. It's been a LOOONG several months. We have been struggling finding a job and adjusting to so many changes. But things are finally starting to fall into place. He decided he wants to do accounting, more particularly get a job as a CFO or Controller (only the big bucks for him). He was able to find an internship with an accountant last week and will start this coming week. He also found a part-time job at Best Buy to pay the bills. It's nice to see the things we were trying for actually fall into place.
We really miss our old home and our friends a lot, but we are trying to put on happy faces and accomplish whatever it is we're here for. We are grateful to be together as a family and with a roof over our heads and money coming in. Alyssa wrote one of her friends this week, "it's not looking good for us. Money is slow coming in." It was so funny. But we have tried not to let the kids feel the effects of everything. I think they're adjusting well. School starts next week and things will get busy. But I needed to write about how blessed we are and remember all the good we have received.

Christian b-day

Okay, so Christian never asks for much (except when it's Wii-related), but he is still so spoiled! Good thing he's such a good boy. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday, and Grandpa made it happen. But he wanted a Wii birthday cake, and the only thing I felt talented enough to try had to be round, so we copied Hunter's cake and did King Boo. It turned out okay, but not as cute.
We had 15 cousins and friends show up and they blew through probably 600 tokens. But a fun time was had by all. And Christian has found a new hobby--Legos. He got a few sets and he has been playing with them since. So has Scott. In fact, the day after Christian's birthday he was late for church because he was playing with all the toys. I love you, Christian. Happy birthday my big 7 year old.


I just had to put up some pics of my cute and growing baby. She has found her thumb and our life is changed! She puts herself to sleep and sleeps for longer periods of time. It's so nice. About the only time I can get Scott to hold still long enough to hold her is when he's on the computer so I think she's getting a liking for it. She is still a sweet baby and puts up with all of us very well. More pics to come soon! We just got her in her blessing dress this week.

Reece reunion

Life has been crazy since we moved. We've had 2 weddings, a few birthdays, lots of dinners with family and more fun than is good for us--really, I am so exhausted. But a couple weeks ago we had the Reece reunion, which was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. We started off with dinner at my brother's (I decided we shouldn't start there anymore--no one can compete with Cami's food) and then went to the school and played with a parachute and games. Boy am I out of shape.

The next day we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple and walked through. It was so beautiful and it was wonderful to be able to go with the kids, although Scott kept telling Christian the Wii room was just around the corner and what did he think we did when we went to the temple anyway? Then we went to This is the Place park and had our eyes opened to life as a pioneer. We had fun seeing actual cabins and houses that were lived in, trying out chores and games they had back then and of course riding horses. It was really interesting seeing how many wives and children could be crammed into one house.

The next day the guys went golfing and then the girls made earrings. Sunday we had an informative discussion about family history and acted out skits from our ancestry.
It was a great time. Thanks to Karen and Rich for all their hard work and planning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July!

I love the 4th of July in Provo. It is almost as good as Christmas. It starts out with the childrens parade which the kids love. Then they set up booths in the center of town with lots of free activities for the kids. This year Amber got to be part of the reptile show. The kids got to dig in the sand in this big truck and collect colored rocks to trade for prizes. Scott got to ride a segway. Scott's the best And of course all the bounce houses and art booths. My family always spends the night saving a spot for the big parade but with so many kids we just come and take advantage. It was a fun parade. Lots of bagpipes. Sara is super sexy!!! Scott wrote red text.
Usually in the evening we go to a field and watch the fireworks, but this year Alyssa, Brittany and I were given tickets to the Stadium of Fire. We got to see the Jonas Brothers! Jonas bros rule Too bad we'd never heard any of their songs. It was a lot of fun, though.
Happy birthday, America!