Saturday, September 5, 2009

The hospital (again):(

I have been in the hospital more this last year than my whole life combined! It's ridiculous. It all started the week after school began (see post below) I started feeling sick. I realized on Wednesday I had a kidney infection and started chugging the cranberry juice. But to no avail. Scott and I headed over to the emergency room at midnight that night but I just couldn't do it. With no insurance I knew it would be $2000 just to walk through the door. So I took some meds and went to bed instead. I was so sick on Thursday and Friday I couldn't keep anything down and I couldn't even pick up Soran. By Friday night my mom dragged me to the car and over to the hospital where I assured her they would give me an IV with antibiotics and send me home. I was close--it was a surgery and two days later.
My birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day starving and so thirsty I would just sit at the sink and let the running water go over my tongue. I couldn't eat or drink until the surgery that night. The doctor came in and said he couldn't believe how swollen my kidney was, he was going to put a stint in and then see in a month if there was any functioning left and if it was worth saving. So my birthday dinner consisted of chicken broth and jell-o, which are now nectar from the gods. Best birthday dinner ever. They finally let me out Sunday night after 6 needle stabs and innumerable tests. And I get to go back on Tuesday for more. Yeah! But it is wonderful to be feeling well enough I can take care of my kids again and wanting to live. Thank goodness for modern medicine! And thank you to all who took care of my kids and brought me presents! I love you!
Oh, and one funny story. My sisters were picking up the kids while I was sick and Alyssa asked them if I was going to die. They assured her I would be fine and get better soon. Alyssa said, "oh, good, or else we would be in the orphanage. My dad couldn't handle all of us." When I told Scott he said how well they know him.


Brandy Young said...

Hey Sarah!
I'm sorry you've been so sick! I bet you are very grateful to be close to family now!
Take care!
I'll keep checking back to see how things are going with you guys!

Lisa said...

I am so sorry to here about this Sarah. I hope that you keep feeling good and that it doesn't cause other problems. The kids do look so cute in their uniforms! I'm glad that you like the school.

Froggie said...

Good grief, Sarah! Take care of yourself! Bring the kids up to me if you need a break. Everyone suffers when mom is neglected.

Michael and Lindsey said...

Boy Sarah you certainly have been through a lot. What a crazy year. Although I have to admit I got a good laugh out of Alyssa's comment. I'll have to tell that one to Michael. I wish we could be closer to help you out. I'm so glad you're near family during all of this.