Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 in a nutshell (except for NY which deserves its own post)

Boys club
Livi going to a bday party as Rey

Watching a movie with 4H on the red carpet
Alyssa and ballroom
Amber and Livi in The Emperors New Clothes

Dads and Donuts

 Daddy got a trip to Phoenix for his birthday.  And got to enjoy the sunshine and golf.

Crazy Hair!

Fun times at the cabin.  We went up for the weekend and played foosball, pingpong, pool, watched movies, had the Henlines over and enjoyed Conference.  Loved it!
Amber turned 12!

 Amber's first time at the temple.
My cute kids
Christian playing soccer
 Scott's Christmas present to me--ziplining!  It was scary.

Alyssa turned 16!  We had her birthday party at the cabin and gave her a trip to L

First date with Dad

 Chilling in Salt Lake at the Jive Retreat.  We did a mystery escape room, watched Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, went to the temple and ate tons of food.  It was a perfect weekend.
We all made it!  I did the 5k and everyone else did the 1-mile fun run.
Helping at the school field day
End of summer party.  I think we had almost 40 kids for hotdogs, games,  an outdoor movie and night games.

Our exchange student Kazune.

Alyssa and Christian got to go to EFY this year.

Summer fun at the park

Thompson reunion 2016--floating down the river

NVP summer party.  It was a beautiful evening.  
We went to another escape room in a van. It was super hot but we had fun solving all the clues.  Good time
For our end of summer family adventure we went on a mystery hunt and the kids had to use clues to discover where we were going for dinner.  We ended at a Nigerian restaurant. Different food and lots of fun.
Alyssa's first school dance--Homecoming with Christopher
Hiking the hot springs

Amber in A Comedy of Errors
Uncle Matt's wedding

 Christmas choir, band and orchestra concert

 Pics with Santa at the Seven Peaks north pole