Wednesday, June 6, 2018


 SOOO many girls.  We've had a lot of girls this month.  Amber has been working on her movie for STEM and then we had the sister missionaries and friends over.  I love it!  So much giggling.  But poor Christian.

 My handsome cello player.  He's not as excited about orchestra cause all his cool friends transferred out, but he still loves to play.  

 This girl just found out she got a full ride scholarship to SUU.  Woo-hoo!  Celebrated with ice cream.
 The little girls were in our ward nativity.  It was really neat, actually.  They did a shadow one.  They are the shepherds on the left.

 Gingerbread houses this year with the cousins.  Scott was working a ton this month, and since they gave him such a big bonus at work how could I complain?  So we had the Pagnanis over to decorate.

 Livi at her orchestra concert.  She plays the violin very well.  

 My little boy.

 Christmas movie with the Thompsons.  Gator always gets us tickets to the latest Star Wars/comic book movie.  This year Granmda took the girls shopping before so they were very festive.  Afterwards we went and had Chinese.

 Chrsitmas was on Sunday this year so we had a relaxing day at home.  We had our usual Christmas feast--Dad and I made crab legs, filet mignon and something yummy for dessert.  

 My beautiful girl who is growing up too fast.  Lyssa did her makeup and she got braces!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


New Years Eve with the Henlines.  We had such a great time!  And the Kendalls were able to make the last half as well.  We had egg rolls, made puzzles, played games, caught up, watched movies and watched the fireworks from the view. 

 It was such a mild winter we hiked the Y a couple times in January.  I took the kids for MLK day and we hiked a couple weeks later on a Saturday.  Have to take advantage of this weather!  The kids sure whine about it but I think secretly they love it.  
 Since Scott is gone on Wednesday nights with the 3 older kids, I decided me and the little girls would go on adventures.  They've been pretty lame, mostly visiting grandmas, but this time we went to the crepe shop and enjoyed the cool seating.  
 At the end of the month it finally snowed!  We went sledding with the cousins and had a blast.  Best idea was the couple next to us took an air mattress.  Next year!

 After sledding Scott got us free tickets to the BYU basketball game.  Wells Fargo "sprited and dined" us and even bought Soran a cougar tail.  She almost finished it, which is gross.  

 Alyssa's last PHS competition.  I was on the ballroom committee this year and so it was a super busy weekend.  She, of course, was lovely.  I helped with food and even got my own parking spot, which was worth it all.  haha.

 Scott on the red carpet showing me how it's done.

 Scott and I got tickets for the chocolate train.  I had a 4-hour training for work (I'm a lunch lady this year) on chocolate a couple weeks before so I was well versed in chocolate tasting and knew all the answers to the questions so we won a mug.  It was so nice to sit and chat and eat chocolate, of course!