Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas Crackers through the years


 Alyssa helped me throw a baby shower for Rylie.  Good times.  
 Our ward had our Halloween party a little late.  And we got to have Josh and Alex with us.  They are so cute!

 Amber had her play, "Superhero super inferno" (or something like that) and she did such a great job! She played Gwen Stacy and even had an onstage kiss.

 Space Buns for Thanksgiving.

 Thanksgiving weekend was so nice we decided to hike to the hot springs.  It was beautiful weather and Scott also went fishing with his brothers and dad.

Scott taking me out to Sundance for his work party.  Love his job!


 What. a. Dork.  One day I hope he's embarrassed he used to wear his hood like this.


 Getting ready for "the hunt"

 Livi the Fox.

 Practicing being Supergirl


 Thompson Reunion in St. George.  We hiked to some beautiful falls, around Pioneer Park, went to a corn maze and had lots of good food.  And Scott and Christian went hunting and got a deer.  Thanks Uncle Kelly!

 After the reunion we visited the Massengales and Nicole was nice enough to take some family pics for us while we were hiking.  It was so beautiful. 

Scott and I got to see The Addams Family.  It was really funny and good.

 BYU had a life-size version of the ancient tabernacles.  We went for FHE and learned a lot about temple performances and traditions.



 Poor baby had a run in with the sidewalk on Alyssa's skateboard.

 Alyssa at Homecoming with Dexter.

 Alivia played soccer this season and loved it!

 My handsome boys off to priesthood.  So proud!

 Girls night while the boys are at priesthood.  Green monsters.

 Scott's year for golf.  2 new country club courses, one with a goflboard.

 Ian got out of jail so of course we celebrated by killing the fatted pig.

 Soran and Daddy daughter date.

Very cold REAL game but totally worth it.

This year for school I got a new job working at Westridge Elementary as the lunch clerk, Christian got a job as a janitor at Amelia Earhart, and Alyssa works at Maceys.