Sunday, August 5, 2012

Christian's 10!

Christian wanted a little of everything for his birthday this year.  I mean, he wanted to do a little of everything.  He took some friends to Lowe's Extreme Sports and then we had cake and ice cream and then they played Wii.  I can't believe my little boy is so big already.  He's figuring out how to be a great tease and he drives all us girls crazy but we love him so much!

I love this picture for a couple reasons.  The first being it embodies kid birthday parties so well, I think.  Christian has chocolate frosting all over his mouth, they're all reaching out to grab the presents and it's mayhem.  The second reason is the box says think fast.  And they're all reaching for it.

24th of July

 Looking for the needle in the haystack.

 Lyssa and Brooklyn at the root beer chugging contest.

 Soran's adorable bonnet.

 Who are these two men?

 Sometimes Christian makes faces that remind me so much of Scott.  He's throwing the tomahawk.

 I love Bryant's tongue sticking out in this one.

 Gutter of Fire at the Pagnanis.  It was a big crowd this year.  Lots of fun.
 Checking out the aerials.

 These 2 so look like they're drinking something they shouldn't be.

Livi showing off her loot from the Gutter of Fire.

We had some friends from Arizona come stay a couple weeks with us.  It was a lot of fun.  We went to the celebration for the 24th, hiked Stewart Falls, went to the Paleontology museum at BYU, 7 Peaks, Veterans Pool, the movies, Discovery park and wore me out.  

Girl's Camp 2012!

 First flag of the week

 Confidence courses

 Building teamwork

 Lizzie and Lyssa on their hike--it was long!  I know, I was there.

 Beautiful wildflowers

 The bishop making a--fire?  Smoke?  Killing something with his shovel?  Me standing over him giving directions.

Lyssa's hair in paper towels.  So cute!

It was Lyssa's first year at Girl's Camp and I got to be there.  We had a great time.  It rained a little (or more) every day and so it stayed cool.  And it is such an amazing place.  It was inspiring to see the young women change through the week and feel the Spirit.  Highlights of the week: Lyssa's favorite was singing around the lake, my favorite was evening devotionals all gathered around together, Mafia, testimony from Magen, the girls all getting along all week, the crazy loud thunderstorm, being with Alyssa!

Happy Independence Day!

 Just before the race--you can tell cause we're not sweaty yet.

 I was so excited my sister and my mom ran/walked with us this year!

 Soso and Thomas at the parade, squinting into the sun cause my family always sits on the west side.

The parade!

I was so excited my sister and my mom decided to do the Freedom Run this year.  I got sick a couple weeks before and didn't run much before, so I was actually really nervous.  But I did the exact same time as last year to the second!  And I beat Scott again, so I was happy.  After the run we went to the parade and then we all went to Chuck-A-Rama for lunch.  Blech.  I hadn't eaten much and then gorging myself on all the heavy food there made me sick.  Then naptime!  We watched the fireworks at the field with the Thompsons that night.  I love summer!

Summer work party

For Scott's work party this year instead of Lagoon we went to a ski resort and enjoyed the summer activities.  Scott and the kids were bummed, but I actually liked it better (part of that being I'm getting old and the rides at Lagoon are starting to make me sick).  Anyway, it was cool and beautiful and we didn't run like crazy but there were quite a few fun activities.  I vote for this again next year.

 Soran, Livi and Amber trying out the bungee trampolines

 Christian on the Alpine Slide--isn't it gorgeous?

 Lunch under the big top--yummy!

 We hiked all the way to the top.  Just kidding.  We rode the tram and then walked through a tunnel to this view. 

 I know these are supposed to be relaxing, but who can do that sitting on a little bench connected to a little wire really high in the air with nothing below except rocks? 

 Enjoying the view on the way down.

 Lyssa on the ropes course.

 Livi was terrified on the ropes course.  She made it across this and then got down.


Christian the cowboy.

Cubanapolis and--it's a bear!

 Ready to race!

 Finish line

 Winners smile

 Mark of the bear

Mother's salute (I look like I'm enjoying it, don't I?)