Sunday, August 5, 2012

Girl's Camp 2012!

 First flag of the week

 Confidence courses

 Building teamwork

 Lizzie and Lyssa on their hike--it was long!  I know, I was there.

 Beautiful wildflowers

 The bishop making a--fire?  Smoke?  Killing something with his shovel?  Me standing over him giving directions.

Lyssa's hair in paper towels.  So cute!

It was Lyssa's first year at Girl's Camp and I got to be there.  We had a great time.  It rained a little (or more) every day and so it stayed cool.  And it is such an amazing place.  It was inspiring to see the young women change through the week and feel the Spirit.  Highlights of the week: Lyssa's favorite was singing around the lake, my favorite was evening devotionals all gathered around together, Mafia, testimony from Magen, the girls all getting along all week, the crazy loud thunderstorm, being with Alyssa!

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