Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer work party

For Scott's work party this year instead of Lagoon we went to a ski resort and enjoyed the summer activities.  Scott and the kids were bummed, but I actually liked it better (part of that being I'm getting old and the rides at Lagoon are starting to make me sick).  Anyway, it was cool and beautiful and we didn't run like crazy but there were quite a few fun activities.  I vote for this again next year.

 Soran, Livi and Amber trying out the bungee trampolines

 Christian on the Alpine Slide--isn't it gorgeous?

 Lunch under the big top--yummy!

 We hiked all the way to the top.  Just kidding.  We rode the tram and then walked through a tunnel to this view. 

 I know these are supposed to be relaxing, but who can do that sitting on a little bench connected to a little wire really high in the air with nothing below except rocks? 

 Enjoying the view on the way down.

 Lyssa on the ropes course.

 Livi was terrified on the ropes course.  She made it across this and then got down.


Christian the cowboy.

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