Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

 Just before the race--you can tell cause we're not sweaty yet.

 I was so excited my sister and my mom ran/walked with us this year!

 Soso and Thomas at the parade, squinting into the sun cause my family always sits on the west side.

The parade!

I was so excited my sister and my mom decided to do the Freedom Run this year.  I got sick a couple weeks before and didn't run much before, so I was actually really nervous.  But I did the exact same time as last year to the second!  And I beat Scott again, so I was happy.  After the run we went to the parade and then we all went to Chuck-A-Rama for lunch.  Blech.  I hadn't eaten much and then gorging myself on all the heavy food there made me sick.  Then naptime!  We watched the fireworks at the field with the Thompsons that night.  I love summer!

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