Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Countown has begun!

Just so everyone knows I have three weeks left until the big day. At least, according to my calculations. The ultrasound said 4 more weeks, but I am sticking with my own calculations. Oh, and we also decided on a name. Soran Dawn Thompson. It takes everyone about three times asking, "Say it again" before they say, "Oh." So I don't think it's going to be very popular, but we like it. My family isn't going to like it because it doesn't start with an A, but who knew we were going to be picking out so many girl names? Scott wanted to name her after ancestry, and his great-grandfather was named Soren. That was the closest he could get to getting a boy. We'll let you know when anything happens.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Alyssa came home from school Wednesday saying her eye hurt. Within a couple hours she looked like this. Luckily it hasn't spread to anyone else in our household. I also had to include a picture of my two cute girls that are still home with me. They play so well, Alivia is going to be brokenhearted when Amber goes to school this year.
We haven't been up to much lately. Scott took off to Utah and Colorado last week with a friend who was looking at possible places to live and left me to fend alone during spring break. But we all survived and there aren't any graves in the backyard. The kids got to go swimming, to the park a few times, sleep in (yeah, right--if only they would) and generally do nothing. It was a relaxing week. Can't wait for the warm weather to finally stick around!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amber's 5!!!

I can't believe my little Amber is 5 already. Every child you have seems to grow up a little faster. I'm going to blink and miss the last one. Anyway, she has really been into cooking lately. Every time I'm in the kitchen she comes in and wants to help. So we decided to have a cooking party for her. I made some little aprons and the kids made little pizzas and decorated cupcakes. The girls kept saying how good their pizzas were, and I told them it was because they made them. We also played balloon games and watched Fairytopia. Then they opened all the presents and played with the toys.

Today is her actual birthday and we're spending a quiet day at home. This has been a busy week. Amber actually fell asleep during church today. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Alyssa and Christian had their yearly musical performance on Thursday night. Christian has been telling me for a couple months now that he wasn't going to school on that day because he had to dress up like a "Spanish" person. But he went anyway.

They dressed the kids up in costumes from countries around the world and they sang songs in different languages. Alyssa looked cute with a scarf around her head (she was from Poland) and they did some dances. Christian sang songs from Japan. He also got to dress up as a chicken for the grand finale because he hasn't been on the sad face all year.

We were late, as always, and wound up in the back so the pictures aren't very good. Sorry. The extra blurry one is Christian second from the left in a big yellow beak.