Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amber's 5!!!

I can't believe my little Amber is 5 already. Every child you have seems to grow up a little faster. I'm going to blink and miss the last one. Anyway, she has really been into cooking lately. Every time I'm in the kitchen she comes in and wants to help. So we decided to have a cooking party for her. I made some little aprons and the kids made little pizzas and decorated cupcakes. The girls kept saying how good their pizzas were, and I told them it was because they made them. We also played balloon games and watched Fairytopia. Then they opened all the presents and played with the toys.

Today is her actual birthday and we're spending a quiet day at home. This has been a busy week. Amber actually fell asleep during church today. Happy birthday, sweetie!

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Nicole said...

Aaaw cute! I can't believe she is 5 either! That means we have been friends for 5 years! Wow it goes by so fast! Looks like a fabulous party..and tons of fun! You are such a good mom to do parties!