Sunday, March 8, 2009

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Alyssa and Christian had their yearly musical performance on Thursday night. Christian has been telling me for a couple months now that he wasn't going to school on that day because he had to dress up like a "Spanish" person. But he went anyway.

They dressed the kids up in costumes from countries around the world and they sang songs in different languages. Alyssa looked cute with a scarf around her head (she was from Poland) and they did some dances. Christian sang songs from Japan. He also got to dress up as a chicken for the grand finale because he hasn't been on the sad face all year.

We were late, as always, and wound up in the back so the pictures aren't very good. Sorry. The extra blurry one is Christian second from the left in a big yellow beak.

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Brandy Young said...

The show was really cute!
I got some pics of Alyssa at the afternoon show. We didn't make it to the evening one. Ashlyn wasn't feeling good.
What is your email addy? I will send you pics from the show and the spelling bee.
My email addy is