Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Countown has begun!

Just so everyone knows I have three weeks left until the big day. At least, according to my calculations. The ultrasound said 4 more weeks, but I am sticking with my own calculations. Oh, and we also decided on a name. Soran Dawn Thompson. It takes everyone about three times asking, "Say it again" before they say, "Oh." So I don't think it's going to be very popular, but we like it. My family isn't going to like it because it doesn't start with an A, but who knew we were going to be picking out so many girl names? Scott wanted to name her after ancestry, and his great-grandfather was named Soren. That was the closest he could get to getting a boy. We'll let you know when anything happens.


Brandy Young said...

Very exciting!
I like the name you have picked! :)

Nicole said...

I like it Sara! It is kinda close to your name as well...in a round about way! :) 3 weeks? wowzers when you put it that way it doesn't sound like very long, I bet you are so ready! I can't wait until we can hang out more! Love ya!

Demmitt Family said...

Two things:
1. Ya, we are going to be angry it does not start with an A. Sorry, but for the sake of tradition we must.
2. Soran? That is so close to Soren that I will now think of your daughter as the reincarnation of Soren Kierkegaard.

Awesome sauce.

Karen Reid said...

I think it's perfectly okay that it doesn't start with A. There are very few normal A names left anyway, and Rich and I would be left picking something like Absalom. :-)

JKMeeks said...

Hey! That is so exciting! I LOVE the name! I hope you are doing well, we really miss you guys! Keep us posted on everything!

Froggie said...

Soran? How do you pronounce it? So' rahn? Sorahn? SorAnn? Help a gal out.

I too think of Kierkegaard, who quite possibly is my favorite existentialist philosopher.