Sunday, October 25, 2009


The kids had fall break a couple weeks ago and it was also my long awaited meeting with the doctor who would do my surgery. My mom was so nice and offered to take the kids to the zoo while we went to the doctor since they were so close. The kids had a great time playing and seeing the baby elephant. It was a perfect fall day.
I, however, was about to cry. They told me the surgery would be soon after the appointment but it didn't get scheduled until the middle of November. They also wanted half the money up front before they would even schedule it. So now I'm sucking it up and trying to live life normally with a plastic tube in for another month. Nothing puts things into perspective like a trip to the hospital, though. They had a paper up about not allowing visitors in because of the swine flu, but they would be more lenient in end-of-life situations. At least I know I'll be coming out again.
Lyssa took a trip to Moab with my mom and dad and the kids had fun playing with cousins and enjoying the nice weather. Scott also managed to squeeze in some golf. We're trying to soak up all the sun we can.


Nicole said...

Yup the sun is gone! Literally...Sara before you know it the time for surgery will be here, and you'll be feeling better again! How is Christian doing by the way?

Nicole said...

oh I love the pictures! Your kids are sooo cute!