Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas season begins

Soran enjoying her piece of the gingerbread

10 seconds after completion

Completed gingerbread house

I must be feeling better. I think this is my fifth post in a month. I have been amazed how much better I feel now than I did a few weeks ago. Scott told me that they actually took part of my kidney out because it was so infected and what a difference. I haven't had this much energy in months. So now I get to get ready for the holidays!
We made our gingerbread house for home evening this week. It went much better than last year. The kids were excited to do their piece. It turned out pretty cute. And after enjoying it for about 5 seconds they tore it apart and ate it. The sugar rush begins!
We went out and got our Christmas tree last night and decorated it so now it really does feel like the Christmas season has started. I haven't gotten any shopping done, so it hadn't really hit me yet. But I love having a tree that smells so good in the house. 22 more days!


Heather said...

Hi Sara,
I didn't know that you guys have a blog- I found you through Nicki. You have a darling family and I am glad you are feeling so much better.

Nicole said...

haha! I love the picture of you guys munching down the gingerbread house! Thats exactly how it is in our house too! It looked great while it lasted though.