Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turkey Bowl

Every Thanksgiving Scott's family gets together for their annual Turkey Bowl. We haven't been able to make it for the last few years so he was excited to go this time. It was a little cold (just kidding--totally freezing) but I took the kids and we went and cheered for our daddy for a little bit. I thought he looked pretty darn good. And his team won, at least according to them. I didn't keep very good score. Then we went over to his aunt's house for a great turkey dinner and it was fun to see everyone. His cousin just returned from a mission and there was a lot of family around. I feel bad whenever we go anywhere though. We just seem to have so many kids! We fill up whatever house we're at.
It's weird to watch time go by and the generations change and shift life situations. I can remember when my parents were at this stage in their life with young kids and here I am in it and watching our parents move into their role as grandparents. Sometimes it makes time seem so fleeting.
Today the kids did their primary program. I must admit I was disappointed that they didn't get to give their lines they had memorized. Alyssa and Christian read theirs and the teacher helped Amber with hers before she really had a chance. But they were stinking cute, of course.
Tomorrow is surgery. I will be so excited to get it over with and move on. Scott is so cute and keeps telling me not to die. It will be nice to have this over with. But I am going to savor my last trip (REALLY) to the hospital. Order ice cold cranberry juice and morphine all I want :)

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Henlines said...

I hope the surgery went well!!! Enjoy the cranberry juice! Call me when you get home!