Tuesday, August 20, 2013

24th of July

My woodsmen

Livi and Soran racing in the pioneer obstacle course

Who are those dashing young men with such beautiful mustaches?
Amber trying out the slingshot
For my sister's birthday this year she wanted to go snorkeling.  So we went to Midway and rented some gear and snorkeled this crater.  The water was a beautiful blue and about a perfect temperature.  It was a lot of fun!
Crater water
What Scott did most of the evening (phone) and Soran at the Gutter of Fire
Lyssa and Krystina checking out the fireworks

I love Amber's expression as she watches fireworks

1 comment:

JS Tomb said...

It's so nice to see that the kids have all of these great opportunities up there to learn new and interesting things like wood working, obsticle courses, learning to use a sling shot and girls wearing mustaches? That obsticle course with the tires looks really scary, could probably fall a dozen times and I don't fall gracfully any more and when I do it really hurts.
I want to find out where that crater is, that is the prettiest blue water I have ever seen. That is one destination I would like to stop at on the way to where ever we might go.
Never tried taking a pictures of fireworks but going to give a shot next year for sure, that came out really good.
I would love to know what Amber was thing the moment you took that shot. I know what you were thinking, it's dark, she won't see the camera and I'll catch her expresson, this is going to be so great please keep watching the fireworks. Your smile says it all, great picture.