Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer 2013

This has been the busiest summer we've ever had.  Right before summer started we had a visit from someone Scott baptized in Argentina, Javier.  He is an amazing guy and I'm super glad we got to meet him and get to know him better.  The day school let out we left for Yellowstone.  We had a couple weeks of downtime and then Christian took off for Camp Big Springs.  A couple days after that he and Lyssa took off for Arizona.  Then we had the O'Connors visit for the 4th and went to the Stadium of Fire to see Kelly Clarkson (it was awesome) and then the Youngs visit.  The next week was Girls Camp while the kids did Vocal Motion camp, followed the next week by the Reece reunion.  Then we watched a lot of kids.  I took a weekend trip to Idaho and finally we had a couple weeks to get bored before school started today.  I'll post pics soon of the first day! 

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JS Tomb said...

I always thought that you are supposed to take a brake during the summer but you seem to shift into 4th gear and go faster. Do you ever slow down?
Great summer stories and pictures, I'm so envious, I would love to know more about the crater lake, the water looks beautiful are there any fish in it? The gutter of fire looks really interesting but I've always had a thing for fire. We missed the fireworks this year, we printed for 2 straight days (no sleep) donated 400 Prescott19 shirts. I like the picture of you with the backpack, seem pretty full for an overnighter. I had to say that, when Susan packs for a 2 or 3 day trip she takes 2 or 3 suitcases, I just take a backpack. Well don't want to hold you up to long, just wanted to write and thank you for keeping us updated and also I copied the backpack one for me and the family one by the river. One last question, what is grandpa yoga, does grandpa do yoga?