Friday, October 21, 2011


Still smiling at the end of the day!
Me and So So on the ferris wheel
Only pic I got of the older kids--they were off playing too much
Cute little pink boat
Riding the helicopters!
Livi on her first ride of the day. This turned out to be her favorite ride.
I love Scott's job. They know how to party. His company party this summer was at Lagoon, and the kids were so excited! When we went to Disneyland they kept comparing the rides to those at Lagoon. And Disneyland was coming up short. They want it faster and crazier. They must get that from their father. This trip to Lagoon just reminded me I'm getting old. The flying swings made me ill, and they used to be my favorite! So sad. We hardly saw Christian and Lyssa. They rode on everything at least a couple times.
What made this even better was enjoying it for free. We didn't make the kids run around and try everything because we were trying to get our money's worth. They also fed us lunch, and Scott won a $50 gift card while we were there, too. Not bad. Thank you Sirsidynix!

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