Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday weekend

The golfers
I know, how can I be seen with him in that hat?
Too bad I already have my handsome prince
The resort we stayed at in Midway--the grounds were beautiful
I got totally spoiled this birthday! It was crazy. Scott sent me on a treasure hunt and at each stop was something. I got roses, chocolates, sparkling cider, poetry, jewelry, a gift certificate for clothes and lunch. Oh, and a break from the kids. It was amazing. My husband can be such a romantic.
That weekend we went to Park City and did some shopping and then spent the night at a resort in Midway. They had a hot springs crater but we didn't want to pay $30 to see it so we just walked on top of it and hung out in the natural springs jetted tubs instead. The next day we went golfing. It was pretty fun, actually. The weather and the course were so beautiful I had a good time just being outside and looking at everything. The golf was okay, too. It was the first time I've attempted and I almost hurt myself. I thought I was going to rip my shoulder out of the socket. But I can see how it could be addicting. Scott, of course, had a great time.

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Kelly said...

My gosh... Scott knows how to Celebrate a Birthday! I love it! SOunds and looks so Fun!
Happy Birthday!