Sunday, October 23, 2011

2nd, 4th and 6th graders--oh my!

I have to write that down because I keep forgetting what grades my kids are in, they're growing up so fast. The hardest one for me to adjust to has been Christian, it's just unbelievable that he is in 4th grade already. Crazy! We kept them at the same school as last year because they loved it. And while I've been nervous about the low test scores the school receives overall, I was pretty impressed with their individual teachers. Lyssa did a lot of Powerpoint presentations and Christian had some amazing projects as well. Hopefully we won't regret that decision. Aren't they cute? Some day Amber's other tooth will grow in!
Oh, and we can't forget Livi. She started at a preschool a couple weeks later. Because we're in a low-income area they have a free preschool they bus to (I know, how lucky can I get?) and she loves it! I took her to school on her first day and forgot to get a picture. Okay, so I was really nervous about her riding the bus home and how that would all work. So I was outside about 10 minutes early waiting for her. Over a half hour went by and I called Scott to see if I should panic yet. He said not to. But about 5 minutes later I started trying to call the school. No answer. The bus finally pulled up and I ran onto it, but no Livi! They were like, oh, yeah, the school called and said we forgot someone, it must have been her. I about died. I raced to the car, drove like a maniac to the school and there she was, just fine and hanging out with her teacher. But I don't think they'll be forgetting that particular child again.
Anyway, that just leaves Soran at home. She hasn't acted too sad about it. Yet.

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