Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was flipping through the camera and came across this picture of Soran (you know, like the 20 million pictures you come across that your kids took and now you have to scroll through and delete one at a time because you're not sure how long they had it and don't want to delete anything you might actually want) in the car and realized I needed to remember the passing on of a good friend. Our old minivan. Scott and my car both broke down the same month and we realized that the repair fees were more than the cars were worth. So it was time to move on. But it was hard to say good-bye to our van. It's been in the family longer than 3 of our children. And has been such a reliable member, too. It took us to Utah, Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and lots of other places I can't think of. I had the kids come and tell it good-bye as we took it to trade in.
But on with the new! We love our new van. It's older but has a lot of nice amenities. Like a TV (with a VCR--it's older, like I said), power doors, and a really smooth ride.
Along with all our changes came more bills, so when my mom sent me an email about a part-time job as a teacher's aide at the school she works at, I applied. And with her glowing recommendation, I got it. I love the job. I love to be with the kindergarten kids and watch them learn. I love the benefit of being at work when my kids are at school and having the same days off. But it has definitely kept me busy. Thus the 3 month gap in posts. Between the new job and new calling as Young Womens president my spare time has disappeared. But most of the time it's a good busy. I feel very blessed with all we have.

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