Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Livi's turns 4!

4-year-old birthday cake
Pin the kiss on the frog game
Telling princess stories
Princess Livi--I couldn't get her to stop squinting
Freeze dance game
Livi had her first real birthday party this year. She of course wanted a pink princess party, just like all my other girls at this age. The day was supposed to be rainy and cold but after much prayer and fasting it turned out beautiful (thank goodness, I did not want to try to squeeze 10 little kids in my house for party games). We decorated in pink and purple and painted fingernails while everyone was showing up. We played pin-the-kiss-on-the-frog, throw the golden ball into the wishing well, freeze dance and duck duck goose. I think between cousins, friends and siblings we had about 20 kids there. It was pretty crazy, but fun. Happy birthday, my little princess!
Livi at age 4: She is a sweetheart, she never hurts anyone. Ever. Even if they are mean to her she will never fight back. She cannot stand being wet. If I touch her with wet hands she has to change her clothes. She loves puzzles. And she's very good at them. She loves dresses and dancing. Love you, Livi!

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