Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have been playing hard! I can't believe the summer is half over already. Hopefully the rest will be a little more relaxing. In June we had 3 family reunions, 2 week long camps, 1 day camp and the summer school. For the Reece reunion we had a park day, the guys went golfing, the girls went to Mimi's Cafe with the cousins for dessert, and went to Lowes Extreme Sports (a lot of fun). We had the Sweeney reunion and sadly/happily Scott got to spend the day with us. Sad for him because he got out of the horseshoe tournament the first round, happy for us cause then we got to see him and play with him! I went to Girls Camp and Lyssa went to 5th grade camp at Big Springs the same week. We both had a great time. Christian had science day camp the next week. Lyssa has been in the summer ballroom program. And at the end of June we had the Thompson reunion where we hiked the Y, went ice blocking, This is the Place park, extended family BBQ, fireworks at Fox field and the 4th of July parade. Scott and I were able to run the Freedom Run together this year. I beat my time last year by 1 minute but more importantly I beat Scott by a minute, too. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it again. Amber has started an art class and loves it. I took the Activity Day girls to day camp this week. It was nice to spend some time with Lyssa. And Soran and Livi have been growing so much I think sometimes I can actually see it. Good times!
How close can you get?
Skit night
Chelsea and I rocking our hike again.
Fear Factor game--pass the orange
The Manti pageant
Scott in front of the Manti temple
Scott and Lyssa egg toss partners at the Sweeney (she doesn't like to be his partner because somehow the egg always winds up on her)
Thompson cousins conquer the Y
Me and Soran iceblocking
Soran, Livi, and Kayla in the wagon
Soran all dressed up
Christian the cowboy
Christian really wants a pet. He talked the kids into helping with a yard sale to raise money for it. They screamed at every car that went past. Too cute.
Lyssa and Alexis racing boats
Lyssa was a pretty good archer. She says she wants to save for a bow and arrow now.
Lyssa the rockclimber


Heather said...

Loved all your cute pictures! Scott's face is hilarious in front of the Manti temple. Glad you are having such a fun summer.

Kelly said...

Happy Summer! I am so sad it is coming to end here soon. It passes way to quickly! Boo Hoo!
You have been super busy with lots of Fun! Lucky Kids!
We Love You guys!