Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Womens Conference

Now that's a lot of girl power!
Nicole at the service project (lots of cutting)

Me at my old alma mater (BYU). Cold.

Me and Nicole (sorry--I know it wasn't your best pic but it was the better one of me and it's my blog:))

My friend Nicole came and saw me while I was in the hospital on my birthday and brought me a gift card for Old Navy. Then she took me out and made me use it on myself (a couple weeks later, of course). It was so nice and I wanted to do something for her. So for her birthday I got her tickets to Womens Conference at BYU. It was the first time I had ever gone. The first time I left Scott with the kids the whole day for a break for myself. And the first time will definitely not be the last. It was so great. We had a really fun time and I didn't realize how much I needed it until we were there. I gained some really good insight and felt more inspired to be a better mother and wife. The concert in the evening was fun and I will never look at laundry the same way again. Thanks, Nicole!

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