Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Livi enters the terrible 3s

Birthday candle glow
My princess--always in a dress
2 years old with all her babies
1 year old--she has always sucked her fingers like this and still does.
1 day old with daddy and a very bruised face
Livi turned 3 this year and I can't believe it. She is my sweet little girl. She is always wearing dresses and loves to get her nails painted and makeup on, when she can sneak it. She is never mean to other kids. If she gets hurt she just cries and walks away. She loves her siblings more than me, I think. She always wants to be with them and doing what they're doing. She is such a cutie. She talks with such a cute little voice and you just want to squish her.
For her birthday we just had a little party with the cousins and had chicken nuggets, carrots and chips (her pick). She got a lot of presents and a lot of dresses. She is such a light in my life. I can't ever get mad at her because she is always so fun. I love you Livi!


kory and tina family said...

I can't believe she's 3 already. Where has the time gone?

Michael, Xela, and Arian said...

She's the cutest little thing ever! Happy (belated) birthday Livi!