Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AZ here we come!

Lindsey and cute little Lucy
Swimming with daddy

Alyssa got invited to spend a couple weeks with her friend in Prescott Valley, so we took a trip down in May. The kids were so good on the drive down, even though our TV was broken. I didn't even know Alivia was in the car except every once in awhile she would say, "Mommy, the mountains is moving." We stayed with Michael and Lindsey for a couple days. It was really good to see them again. We had a good time just hanging out, went to the mall, went swimming, to Chuck E Cheese (thanks, Grandpa) and the boys went golfing. It was hard to believe a year had gone by since we'd seen them.

Then we headed to Prescott Valley and caught up with some friends there. The Kendalls were so sweet and threw a dinner for us with a lot of friends. It was fun to see how much everyone had grown and things had changed. The next day Scott took off golfing and we went around and visited different places. Jessica had a munch-n-mingle at her house and then I got to visit with Tina and Amber spent time with her bestest friend. We had a fun family home evening with the O'Connors and left the next morning. The drive home felt a lot longer, as it always does, but the kids were really good again. After driving for a few hours, Livi looked around and asked, "Where's Lytta?" I said she was at Jonah's house. She said she wanted Lytta. It was cute. We did bring Bryant back with us to keep Christian busy for a couple weeks, so no shortage of kids.

It was good to go down and see everything. I had been missing AZ so much and wanting to go back. I was curious to see if being there would make it worse or better. I was relieved to find that while I really miss our friends and my house, I have moved on. I'm happy with where we are in life, even if it is in my brother's basement and Scott's working 2 part-time jobs. It's a good life here (that's easier to say when it's summer--come winter I may be singing a different tune) and I'm excited to see what comes next.

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