Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Cabin decorated with lots of cute glittery spots but no heat
Me and Chelsea rocking our hike
Girl chats and singing all night long
Singing around the lake with the bonfire and flashlights
View from our cabin porch--notice the trees haven't budded yet.
Okay, so the reason I have a mountain of laundry and haven't blogged in 2 months and have neglected my kids and husband and haven't read a book in forever is all due to Girls Camp. But it was so worth it. I used to go to Mia Shalom when I was a teenager and it was amazing to go back. The spirit is so strong there and it was beautiful even with the lack of green. At least there wasn't any snow. Not to say it wasn't cold, but at least we didn't have to shovel walk ways or anything.
The first day (after getting lost and getting there late) we set up camp and then we went canoeing, played games and had a night hike. The next day I got to go to the scripture cabin and read scriptures all by myself and scarf down some candy bars. Then we played marshmallow gun wars with the girls and had a lot of fun. Then we sang around the lake. You sit across the lake from another stake and when it's your turn you turn on your flashlights and sing. It looks so beautiful. When we got back to camp we sang around the lantern and it was so peaceful. Next day was hike day (we went with the first years so it was pretty easy) and I got to see my little sister. We hung out at camp for awhile while the girls crafted and certified. That night we had a testimony meeting and it started to get really cold. The next day we canoed again and did some confidence courses and it started to rain so we went back to our cabins. The bishop showed up that afternoon and we had pizza, played a game and had another testimony meeting. Then they made the men get up and do some goofy songs (way to go B) and last night sleeping on the cold hard ground. I think of everyone in our ward I was the saddest to come home. It was an awesome experience. And when I got home my husband and 5 children were still alive and the house was even clean. Mostly.


kory and tina family said...

Good for you. I'm glad you had such a good time. I loved Girls Camp as a youth. It's such a testimony building experience.

Michael, Xela, and Arian said...

Sounds like it was a good time. Lucky you!