Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Amber taking Soran for a ride.
How many cousins fit into one sandbox?
Friday nights at our house
Amber's dance costume
My brand new couch--it's so big!

Life. It's crazy. I can't believe it's been 2 months since I've been able to blog. But I wanted to catch a little of what our life is like right now. First, I got my first brand new couch and I love it. It's a sectional big enough to hold our whole family. Thank goodness for tax returns. The floral couch with large tears was getting kind of old. Amber's dance recital was in May and she looked beautiful and did a great job. Thanks to Vicki for teaching her!
There are 9 kids living in our house between me and my brother. It's a large house, but still. And on Friday nights part of our rental agreement is that I will watch the kids while they go out. It makes for some fun and wild times. I have grown to love their kids, even when it gets crazy. Scott just got made a high priest on Sunday and was called to the high council. I keep telling myself that we're not that old--right?!?! He really enjoys it so far. He is still working 2 part-time jobs and going to school, but he graduates in a month--yeah! And then the job search will really begin. Of course, he'll also be studying for his CPA exam but we'll figure that out later.
The kids are loving being out of school, and I love it so far. We go to breakfast and lunch at the school and have visited various parks. I love Utah for that. There are lots of nice parks. We have a reunion coming up this weekend, the 4th of July the next and another reunion the weekend after that. Bring on the good times!
Whew! And that concludes my 6 post catchup.


Kelly said...

WOW sounds like lots of Crazy Fun! I love the new couch! It is beauiful! We wish we could be at the family Reunion to see and catch up with everyone! We sure miss out on alot of fun being so far away! I loved the post about Womens confrence. Would have loved to have gone to that. Your short hair is so Cute! Well keep enjoying all the Summer Fun!

I agree, we are NOT that OLD!!!

Kelly said...

Forgot to mention Best of Luck to Scott with the tests and job hunt! You will be in our Prayers! xoxox

Nicole said...

I love those pictures! Amber looks like she just got off the runway!! And no you aren't that old! Your such a great Mother Sara! good job keeping up with the posts on here too, maybe I should post its been over a year~! :)