Friday, December 4, 2015

The rest of May

 Amber as the narrator.  When they handed out parts she was given the part of the harp, which she really wanted.  But another girl started crying about her part as the cow, so Amber kindly switched her.  Then somehow wormed her way into about 5 other parts, too.  She was the star of the show!
 Soran hiding from the giant.

 The cast of "Jack and the Beanstalk"

 He made it!  Scott made the goal at the beginning of the year to hike to the Y on Memorial day.  I thought that was a bit lofty, considering he could hardly walk in January, but he did it!  We got together with the Henlines and the men made it to the top before we did.  It was a beautiful day and we got ice cream cones at the Creamery afterwards.  Then we raced off to Christian's last soccer game with Utah FC.  He made 2 goals and some amazing assists.  We almost regretted pulling him off the team.  

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