Friday, December 4, 2015


We started off the summer at Lagoon with the Reeces.  Man, they are amusement park fiends.  It was a good time had by all.  We also spent the night at the cabin, went to Grandma and Grandpa's land for some archery and other contests, and just relaxed.  

 What a dork.

 On the Colossus.

 The Samurai--not sure who's on it.

 Lovely ladies.

 Just chilling in line for the Rattlesnake Rapids--the one ride we all could ride.

 Bumper cars!

 Alyssa and Christian were in California for a week with the O'Connors and missed a couple reunions.  At the Sweeney this year they had the most amazing face painters (and a magician--he was alright).  The girls got some great masks.

 We drove up to Duchesne for the evening with the extended Thompson reunion.  There is always good food, chatting and fun.  We had tacos by Uncle Alan, fire by the Tryons and played cards and caught up.

 For the Thompson reunion this year we went to Uncle Kelly's land and camped for a few days.  I wasn't excited about going to St. George in July, but it was up in the mountains and absolutely beautiful.  It was overcast the whole time and pretty much a perfect temperature.  We rode ATVs, in the back of the pickup truck, had delicious dutch oven dinners, fished for salamanders, enjoyed cousins and of course lots of s'mores!  Then we stayed at a hotel and went to the Gunnison rodeo for the 4th of July. The cousins waiting for it to start.

 Gunnison rodeo.

 The chicken races.  The kids all race to catch live chickens and if they catch them they get to keep them.  Ayden caught one, of course, and traded it in for $1 since Aunt Holly didn't want to take it back in the van.

Amber was obsessed with the salamanders.  Gross.

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