Thursday, December 24, 2015

My birthday

Scott surprised me this year with a much-needed weekend away.  It was one of the best trips we've taken.  I think we are getting better at vacations.  We used to try and cram so much into them we came home exhausted--not that there's not a time and place for that, but sometimes it's nice just to get away and relax.  He told me to take Friday off and the Henlines picked us up.  We drove to a little town where we rented these reclining tubes and then had lunch while we floated down the river.  It was awesome.  We just chatted and laid back while floating around.  Then we drove to Cedar City where we had a nice dinner and then went to the Shakespearean Festival!!!!  It was amazing!
 Getting ready to head down the river.

 That's my man.

 View from my little tube.

 I am so grateful for the Henlines.  I was worried since Mike and Nicole moved that we wouldn't have good friends to hang out with.  So it was perfect timing when they moved.  We have been blessed with some great friends.  Anyway, this was the theater where we watched King Lear.  This is the last year they are using it, so we felt lucky to catch it.  Alyssa was a city away, in St. George at a tennis tournament, burning her buns off.  They played in 115 degree weather. It was insane.  I felt a little guilty sitting and watching the play instead of her, but I got over it.

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