Thursday, December 24, 2015

Back to school

Along with getting ready for school we had a lot of other activities planned.  I know I took some first day of school pics, I just can't find them.  Alyssa is a sophomore this year, Christian is in 8th, Amber is in 6th, Livi is in 3rd and Soran is at Lakeview with the girls in 1st grade.  They are all so smart and good!  I love that they love school.  We had the ward campout the first weekend after school started which was really fun.  I was wondering why we haven't camped for so long when it is such a good time.  Then I remembered that for the past 5 years I HAVE been camping, just not with my family. Girls camp sucked all my camping energy out of me.  But now that I am free I think we will be going a lot more next year.  
 Surprisingly, Livi is my little pyro.  She is always putting sticks in the fire and pulling them out and waving the flames around.  It's pretty funny, actually.  

 Lyssa and Courtney.  There weren't that many people at the campout, so the youth put on skits.  They reenacted what they had done at their camps.  It was funny and interesting watching them interact with their peers on the stage.  They don't get nearly as nervous as I do.

 Brother Steineckert brought these cool copper pipes that changed the fire colors.  It was beautiful.

 My girls.

Scott and I getting ready to sleep on our deflating air mattress.
We also had Alyssa's back to school ballroom bash.  They had a big water fight this year.  This is one bunch of fun, nerdy, good kids.  I am glad she associates with such great group of kids and coaches.

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Jeff said...

I half way agree with you on camping out more, you two are still young enough to sleep on a deflating air mattress where us old people need a nice little travel trailer with a bed to camp out in. The picture of the different colors of fire is fantastic, I would love to learn more about those pipes that changed the fire colors, in that respect I'm kind of a pyro also.