Monday, August 17, 2015

He's back

I have so many things I need to post, but first I really wanted to put down somewhere that my husband is finally back.  It has been a long 2 years, but I am grateful for them.  I have learned so much, and one of the best things is that I appreciate Scott so much more for who he is.  He is a great husband and father.  He loves his kids.  He is funny.  He always has the right thing to say to ease tension and make everyone laugh.  He is a good cook.  And quite proud of that.  He is a hard worker, and is better at teaching my kids that than I am.  He loves to try new places and foods.  He loves to study and learn things.  He reads more than I do now.  And he is a good son and brother.  He earnestly cares for his family.
I realized about a month ago he is back.  He says his little quips that I didn't even realize he used to say it's been so long.  He set up his laptop and his iPad yesterday so he could watch the golf game while he watched League of Legends.  I used to get so annoyed at that, but this time I was so happy to see him multitask his fun.  And he has started mouthing to himself again.  I pointed it out to him and tears filled my eyes.  It has been so long since he's done those things.  I must admit we get annoyed at each other a little more now that he has an opinion again, but I am grateful he is here to argue with talk to.  I love you, Scott Thompson!

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Jeff said...

Like, very much, he has and always will be a very good man, I wish I were more like him.