Thursday, June 18, 2015


The first month of summer break was taken up with camps.  The girls went to Vocal Motion camp and had a great time.  They have been singing and dancing ever since.

The next week Amber went to 5th grade camp at Big Springs and Christian went to his first scout camp.  Amber has been waiting to go to Big Springs for 5 years, ever since Alyssa went.  She threw a big fit saying she wanted to go camping and why did Alyssa always get to do everything, etc.  It was even worse when Christian went.  So I was really glad when her turn came.  I was the first one at her school to register for it because I did not want to miss the deadline.  Anyway, she had a blast and has been telling us about all the plants in Utah and singing camp songs since she got home.  

Christian went to golf camp at the beginning of June.  He really didn't want to because none of his friends were going.  But in the end he had a good time and I think it was good for him.  Then he had scout camp and was gone for 6 days and came home with 11 merit badges.  He worked really hard and had a lot of fun.  He kept going on about the food they had.  

Alyssa did summer ballroom camp and was up pretty early every morning for that or the baby-sitting job she got.  

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