Wednesday, June 10, 2015

January-February and some of March

Most of the time I just try and survive through the early months of the year.  It's cold, gray and nothing to look forward to.   This year in January we took a trip to St. George for Christian's soccer.  It was a nice break and we got to see some blue sky.

 In the canyon between St. George and Mesquite.  Alyssa and I were saying how much Arizona still feels like home, even after all our years in Utah.  I miss the desert mountains.

 One of the few pics we got of Christian's soccer year.  He really enjoys playing with Utah FC.
 The girls ran around the school and played during the game.

  We met Nicole and her kids in St. George and went hiking at a park.  It was really cool and you could see the whole valley.  That evening we met up with Scott's parents and Kelly and had dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.

Watching the game.  It was cooler than we thought it would be, but not bad for January.

 When it is Scott's night for Family Home Evening he does interviews while we write in our journals. While the kids were sitting there I realized that these years of having all my children gathered around my table are numbered.  So I took a picture to remember.  

 Alyssa got her braces off.  She is so grown up and becoming a lovely young lady.  You can really tell from this great picture.

 For Scott's birthday this year I let all the kids tell one thing they knew their Daddy liked and then we went and did that.  One of the kids picked Mexican food so we went and had that for lunch.  They also said golf, ping pong, playing video games, and spending time with his kids.  Awww.   Christian was on a campout at Goblin Valley.

 We can't forget in January was Alyssa's ballroom competition at Provo High.  It was a 2-day event which all the parents get to help run and is exhausting.  She gets done at 1 a.m. and is back at 8 a.m.  But she loves dancing and has loved being on the JV team.

In February we got to go to the Family History symposium with the Henlines.  It was a great learning experience and I really felt the spirit.  Scott has really caught the family history bug.  Studio C and David Archuleta were the featured guests.  That was what the kids came for.  Then we went and got pizza limon with the Hemlines and Monteses.  Christian was at another campout.

 I am done doing birthday parties every year for my kids for several reasons, but for Amber I caved and let her do it.  She planned the menu and games pretty much by herself, made the decorations and ran the party on her own.  It was kind of awesome.  I didn't have to do much at all.  She had a tea party with chocolate for dipping fruit.

 Every year our stake has a family dance night.  It is so fun, but not very well attended.  We enjoy it enough for everyone!  Scott and I had just gotten back from seeing Les Mis at the Hale Center theater and going out for pho.  

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