Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I was just reading about Halloween and how Scott could barely stand on his own.  I wanted to update.  He is doing so much better!  He made it off the pain meds again in the beginning part of the year.  He was working out a lot and it helped.  He is much more stable, able to bend his legs and has a lot more stamina.  He made the goal in February to make it to the Y on the mountain over Memorial day weekend, and we did it!  We even made it to the top of the Y, which we've never done.  We usually barely make it to the bottom.  He can golf 18 holes and may be a little sore the next day, but it doesn't wipe him out like it used to.  We went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and the bone still hasn't grown back and there may still be another surgery in the future, but there was some bone growth and that was exciting.  We are going to wait and see what happens.  I am going to make him do a lot more this summer now.  We even got family pictures--painful for everyone, but we did it.

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MarenDille said...

That is great, Sara! I know it is still a long road of recovery, but I am happy that he isn't in so much pain. You are the bravest.